Ginger Cassady

Executive Director

Ginger Cassady is the Executive Director of Rainforest Action Network. She has over 20 years of experience securing transformational change with some of the world’s largest corporations and financiers through…

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Njambi Good

Deputy Executive Director

Njambi comes to RAN as a seasoned non-profit leader with 20+ years of experience designing and implementing successful advocacy campaigns. She has most recently worked as an independent non-profit consultant…

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Elisabeth Williams

Chief Financial Officer

A seasoned financial and operations leader with over 20 years of experience, Elisabeth brings a comprehensive skillset to her role as Chief Financial Officer at Rainforest Action Network. She is…

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Robin Averbeck

Forest Program Director

In 2009, Robin joined RAN where they are currently the Agribusiness Campaign Director. Robin has worked in RAN’s forest program for 10 years on its Conflict Palm Oil and Rainforest…

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Zanne Garland

Development Director

Zanne (short for Suzanne) Garland joined RAN in 2022 as the Director of Development. Prior to joining the RAN team, she spent nearly two decades fundraising across a variety of…

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Christopher J. Herrera

Chief Storyteller & Communications Director

Christopher has worked in social change communications for more than 20 years. He enjoyed seven years at the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California, eventually serving as the Director…

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Marie Michelson

Digital Director

Marie is the Digital Director at Rainforest Action Network and has spent 25 years working in the environmental sector. In her five years as Vice President of Digital Strategy at…

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Scott Parkin

Organizing Director

Scott Parkin is a trainer, coordinator and organizer in social justice and environmental movements. He has worked with anti-corporate global justice, anti-war, labor, environmental and climate movements in North America,…

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Aditi Sen

Climate and Energy Program Director

Aditi joined RAN in 2022 as the Climate and Energy Program Director and guides the overall strategy and day-to-day management of RAN’s climate and energy program. This program focuses on…

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Shawna Ambrose

Communications Manager, Climate & Energy

Shawna Foster started organizing in the anti-war movement in 2006. Since then she’s done direct action and communications work for many causes, because the military is often the enforceable violent…

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Fitri Arianti

Senior Campaigner, Forest

Fitri is a Jakarta native and partially grew up in California. She works with RAN’s network of grassroots partners in Indonesia to profile the social impacts of the palm oil…

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Cruz Bonlarron Martinez

Grants Coordinator

Cruz has diverse experience working in research, communications, and organizing in the U.S. and Latin America. His writing has focused on policy and the intersection of oppression in Latin America…

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Sabrina Bonventre

People & Culture Operations Specialist

Sabrina was raised in a family enriched in volunteer opportunities on the local community level and taking part in peaceful activism for human rights. Upon entering the workforce, Sabrina elaborated…

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Ruth Breech

Senior Campaigner, Climate & Energy

Ruth brings 13 years of on the ground work with environmental justice frontline communities. She specializes in providing air monitoring, organizing, organizational capacity building, fundraising and media trainings. Ruth has…

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Margot Brennan

Senior Digital Production Manager & Web Developer

Margot has been helping grassroots campaigns and non-profits kick-ass online for over two decades, with a focus on tools that help elevate and promote local actions onto the national and…

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Tammi Burnett

People & Culture Director

Tammi began their career in social services/community mental health and advocacy, where they witnessed the intersections of systemic power and oppression, capitalism, white supremacy, disability justice, and more. After a…

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Daniel Carrillo

Forest Campaign Director

Daniel grew up in Los Angeles in a large mixed-status Mexican family. He got their start as a youth organizing against anti-immigrant Prop 187 and successfully defeating a proposed power…

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Ebony Childs

Executive Assistant

Ebony comes to RAN as an experienced executive assistant, having supported executives and teams at nonprofits focused on economic and environmental justice. She has a background in event coordination, operations…

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Jake Conroy

Digital Creative Manager

Jake Conroy is a long-time activist, designer, and writer based in San Francisco, CA, USA. He has been involved in a wide range of grassroots activism since 1995. His dedication…

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Toben Dilworth

Art Director

Toben’s craft is visual communications, where he seeks to balance time in front of the screen with time spent drawing inspiration from natural landscapes and the laughter of children. As…

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Dianne Enriquez

Campaign Director, Energy Finance, Climate & Energy

Dianne is a community organizer with over 15 years of experience driving social change. From directing internal organizing field programs to founding statewide organizations, Dianne’s career has been defined by…

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Nik Evasco

Senior Organizing Strategist

Nik (they/them) is an organizer from the environmental, im/migrant & refugee rights, and trans & queer liberation movement spaces. They’ve worked in the non-profit and educational sectors for over ten…

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Dani Farrell

Development Project Coordinator

Dani is a former educator with a deep belief in the power of communication. She taught music in rural Appalachia as a member of Teach For America, and brings loads…

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Bree Flory

Senior Digital Strategist, Climate & Energy

Bree is a Los Angeles-based campaign and communication strategist. They have a BA in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from California State University, Long Beach, and have been involved in…

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Sarmishta Govindhan

Organizing Strategist

Sarmishta’s work focuses on action planning and base building in New York City for both the Climate and Tropical Forest programs at Rainforest Action Network. Sarmishta comes to RAN as…

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Toyoyuki Kawakami

Japan Senior Advisor

Toyo joined RAN in 2005, with a background in Global Trade and Forestry, as well as environmental advocacy. His work includes the analysis of Japan’s role in campaigns to Japanese buyers…

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Minjae Lee

Digital Outreach Strategist

Minjae studied mathematics and music at UC Berkeley and now works as RAN’s Digital Outreach Strategist. Prior to RAN, she has dedicated her time as an organizer to movements fighting…

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Emma Rae Lierley

Senior Communications Manager, Forest

Emma Rae comes to RAN with over eight years of experience in nonprofit communications. A long-time freelance journalist and poet, Emma Rae’s writing has appeared in numerous publications. She has…

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Mary Lovell

Campaigner, Energy Finance

Mary is a community organizer living in Coast Salish territory. They organize in solidarity with communities facing extractive industries, in solidarity with the grassroots and frontline land defense, and direct…

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Maggie Martin

Senior Campaigner, Forest

Maggie Martin works on RAN’s Keep Forests Standing campaign holding corporations accountable for contributing to climate change and deforestation and pushing major brands to transform their operations. With a focus…

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Leonor Melara

Finance Analyst

Challenging climate disruption and social injustice one spreadsheet at a time.

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April Merleaux

Research Manager, Climate & Energy

April joined RAN in 2022 as the Research Manager with the Climate & Energy team. An experienced researcher & writer, she guides strategic research for RAN’s campaigns to stop fossil…

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John Merlino

Development Operations Coordinator

John got his love for the environment from his parents, who took him to many National and State Parks when he was young. John now uses his experience from a…

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Mariko Middleton

Executive Assistant

Mariko is a half Ryukyuan-American who is deeply interested in indigenous identity and the cultural reclamation, decolonization, and language revitalization of her mother’s people in Ryukyu Islands, now known as…

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Ethan Nuss

Senior Campaigner, Climate & Energy

Ethan brings over 15 years of experience in climate and environmental justice organizing. He helped build the youth climate movement as the Field Director of Energy Action Coalition, worked in…

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Irina Pekareva

Senior Staff Accountant

Irina is Senior Staff Accountant at RAN. She has been working as an accountant for many years. She joined RAN in 1998. She works closely with all departments, always ready…

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Sarah Richter

Development Operations Manager

Sarah serves as the Development Operations Manager at RAN.  She works closely with the Development, Digital, and Finance teams to ensure our donor database is accurate and our gift entry…

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Kalyxa Roman

Social Media Strategist

Kalyxa is a recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, where she studied Marketing. She was brought to RAN through the RAY Diversity Fellowship, a program for young BIPOC professionals…

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Caleb Schwartz

Research and Policy Analyst

Caleb joined RAN in September 2022 after several years of organizing with fossil fuel divestment campaigns. Joining the direct action fight against the Line 3 pipeline in 2021 moved him…

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Yuki Sekimoto

Japan Team Manager

Yuki has 15 years of experience in public relations and campaign communications in business and NGOs. Before working with RAN in 2018, she was Head of Media and Communications at…

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Emily Selzer

Individual Giving Director

Emily comes to RAN with over 7 years of fundraising experience in the Arts and Education sectors. With a wide range of skills in individual fundraising, special events and community…

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Samantha Smart Merritt

Institutional Giving Director

Samantha serves as Director of Institutional Giving at RAN. A lifelong social justice activist, Samantha learned the ropes of community organizing with the legendary Mel King and the Rainbow Coalition…

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Tracy Solum

Program Director, Community Action Grants

Tracy has over 10 years experience managing small grant programs that strengthen the capacity of Indigenous and frontline communities and help to support grassroots leadership. Tracy coordinates with the RAN…

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Angela Stoutenburgh

Associate Director of Digital Engagement

Angela Stoutenburgh has over seven years experience in nonprofit fundraising. Before joining RAN, she worked in direct response, partnering with progressive nonprofits like the Center for Victims of Torture, FINCA…

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Laurel Sutherlin

Senior Communications Strategist

Laurel is a naturalist and environmental educator with an endless love for birds, forests and wild places. He is also a lifelong environmental and human rights activist with decades of…

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Gemma Tillack

Policy Director, Forest

In 2013, Gemma joined RAN to execute its corporate campaign focused on addressing deforestation, climate change and human and labor rights abuse associated with palm oil production. She now holds…

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Jennifer Wilson

Individual Giving Manager

Jennifer Wilson has a background in book publishing with a focus on the genres of personal growth, spirituality, and activism. She is a writer and recently co-authored the book Order…

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Tim Workman

Senior Digital Strategist, Forest

Tim discovered his passion for environmental advocacy after working alongside many amazing Indigenous activists in Indonesia, Nicaragua, and the American Southwest while at James E. Rogers College of Law and…

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