Lindsey Allen

Executive Director

Lindsey Allen, Executive Director of Rainforest Action Network, has more than a decade of experience pressuring and inspiring some of the world’s largest corporations to protect rainforests, human rights and…

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Pallavi Phartiyal

Deputy Executive Director

Pallavi Phartiyal serves as the Deputy Executive Director at Rainforest Action Network (RAN), a nonprofit organization that seeks to preserve forests, protect the climate and uphold human rights. RAN achieves…

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Ginger Cassady

Campaign Director

Ginger has 20 years of experience campaigning on national and international human rights and environmental issues, and is the Program Director for RAN’s Forests campaign. In her previous role as…

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Christopher Herrera

Director of Communications

Christopher has worked in social change communications for more than 20 years. After graduating from UCLA he spent seven years at the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California, eventually…

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Patrick McCully

Climate and Energy Director

Paddy joined RAN in 2017 after six years as Executive Director of Black Rock Solar, a non-profit that built solar projects for Native American tribes, non-profits and schools in Nevada….

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Jeri Howland

Development Director

Jeri Howland came to RAN after 30 years of fundraising leadership in the education sector. It took no time for her passion for RAN’s mission to blossom as she is…

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Scott Parkin

Organizing Director

Scott Parkin is a trainer, coordinator and organizer in social justice and environmental movements. He has worked with anti-corporate global justice, anti-war, labor, environmental and climate movements in North America,…

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Ruth Breech

Climate and Energy Senior Campaigner

Ruth brings 13 years of on the ground work with environmental justice frontline communities. She specializes in providing air monitoring, organizing, organizational capacity building, fundraising and media trainings. Ruth has…

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Margot Brennan

Digital Production Manager - Web Developer

Margot has been helping grassroots campaigns and non-profits kick-ass online for over a decade, with a focus on tools that help elevate and promote local actions onto the national and…

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Roberta Capobianco

Executive Assistant

Roberta comes to RAN with a diverse resume, including experience in fundraising, program management, event planning, dance education, and film production. She spent four years working for Rockefeller Family foundations…

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J Chavez

Digital Campaign Specialist

J is a certified NationBuilder expert with a strong grasp of CRM tools. He brings experience in the management of local elections to RAN, along with an ambitious desire to…

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Lafcadio Cortesi

Asia Director

Lafcadio has worked over the past 25 years in a variety of roles and institutions in North America and the Asia-Pacific region on market transformation campaigns and private sector sustainability,…

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Jake Conroy

Digital Design Coordinator

Jake Conroy is a long-time activist, designer, and writer based in San Francisco, CA, USA. He has been involved in a wide range of grassroots activism since 1995. His dedication…

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Toben Dilworth

Art Director

Toben’s craft is visual communications, where he seeks to balance time in front of the screen with time spent drawing inspiration from natural landscapes and the laughter of children. As…

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Jason Disterhoft

Senior Campaigner, Finance Campaign

Jason is point person on RAN’s fossil fuel finance work, pressuring private banks to stop funding coal and extreme oil and gas. He was formerly digital campaigner for the climate…

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Ayse Gürsöz

Communications Manager, Climate and Energy

Ayşe Gürsöz comes to RAN with diverse experience in social impact communications and a deep commitment to social and environmental justice. She’s worked with organizations ranging from Grassroots Global Justice…

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Alison Kirsch

Climate and Energy Program and Research Coordinator

Alison came to RAN after graduating from Brown University with academic and activist experience in climate and energy policy. She provides up-to-date research and administrative support for the Climate and…

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Emma Rae Lierley

Forests Communications Manager

Emma Rae comes to RAN with over eight years of experience in nonprofit communications. A long-time freelance journalist and poet, Emma Rae’s writing has appeared in numerous publications. She has…

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Grant Marr

Climate and Energy Research Associate

After studying Environmental Studies / Biology at the University of California, Santa Cruz, Grant did research and communications work as a part of various environmental, renewable energy, and nonprofit organizations…

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Chelsea Matthews

Forest Campaigner

Chelsea has worked on corporate campaigns for over seven years and specializes in project management and coordination. At RAN, Chelsea works to protect Indonesia’s rainforests from destruction for palm oil….

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Leonor Melara

Finance & Administrative Associate

Leonor is a social justice activist with a strong background in not-for-profit accounting and financial analysis. A desire to contribute a financial management skill set to social justice organizing and…

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Brihannala Morgan

Senior Forest Campaigner

Brihannala comes to RAN with over a decade of experience working to support the rights of grassroots communities in Indonesia and Malaysia. At RAN, Brihannala works to support communities impacted…

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Ethan Nuss

Senior Organizer, Rainforest Free Pulp & Paper Campaign

Ethan brings over a decade of experience in climate and environmental justice organizing. He helped build the youth climate movement as the Field Director of Energy Action Coalition, worked in…

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Malachi Robinson

National Organizer for the Conflict Palm Oil Campaign

Malachi was born in Florida, raised in New Jersey and tells people they’re from Brooklyn. They attended CUNY Medgar Evers in Brooklyn, New York and studied Journalism there, which comes…

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laurel sutherlin

Senior Communications Strategist

Laurel is a naturalist and environmental educator with an endless love for birds, forests and wild places. He is also a lifelong environmental and human rights activist with decades of…

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Gabe Smalley

Senior Digital Campaign Strategist

Gabriel started organizing in 1999, going door-to-door to protect lakes and rivers in his home state of Michigan and hasn’t stopped since. Over the years he’s been proud to work…

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Gemma Tillack

Agribusiness Campaign Director

Gemma Tillack directs RAN’s agribusiness campaign, which is addressing one of the main drivers of rainforest destruction and human rights violations in Indonesia: Conflict Palm Oil. The campaign is focused…

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Maryann Tekverk

Grants Coordinator

Maryann brings two years of teaching experience, as well as environmental campaign directing experience, with a diverse research and grant writing background. She also has a B.S. in Geology and…

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Tracy Solum

Community Action Grants Program Officer

Tracy has over 10 years experience managing small grant programs that strengthen the capacity of Indigenous and frontline communities and help to support grassroots leadership. Tracy coordinates with the RAN…

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Carine Terpanjian

Foundations Director

Carine brings rich experience in institutional fundraising, organizational development and management. As Foundations Director, she works with our foundation partners to ensure the sustainability of RAN’s programs and build their…

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