Laurel is a naturalist and environmental educator with an endless love for birds, forests and wild places. He is also a lifelong environmental and human rights activist with decades of experience using bold and creative tactics to nonviolently stand up to some of the most powerful forces on the planet that are destroying nature or oppressing people. Laurel works on all of RAN’s campaigns in messaging development, communications strategy and content writing. He develops and implements creative tactics to earn high-impact media as well as other public-facing approaches to pressuring campaign targets to achieve RAN’s campaign goals.

“The footage of Minnie Mouse in handcuffs being taken away in a police car going viral…Seeing Cargill announce a comprehensive, global deforestation-free commodity policy on the floor of the UN…Sitting with local grandmothers shutting down 4 BofA bank branches simultaneously in Charlotte, NC…Hearing Obama say the words ‘keep it in the ground’ as he rejected KXL. These are the things I live for.”