Zanne (short for Suzanne) Garland joined RAN in 2022 as the Director of Development. Prior to joining the RAN team, she spent nearly two decades fundraising across a variety of nonprofit sectors – most recently as the Vice President for Advancement at Warren Wilson College, previously in anti-poverty advocacy, voter engagement, youth environmental education, microfinance, housing, and other social justice, environmental, and human services efforts in staff and volunteer roles. She holds a bachelor’s degree in international political science from Duke University.

One of her primary focuses at Warren Wilson College, an institution of higher education focused on sustainability and social justice, was raising funds to address climate change through developing innovative land conservation practices in partnership with regional land owners.

She is excited to be part of the development team at RAN working to connect passionate supporters to our mission – fighting for people and planet. She lives in Asheville hiking as much as she can with her husband, son, and dog.