Tammi began their career in social services/community mental health and advocacy, where they witnessed the intersections of systemic power and oppression, capitalism, white supremacy, disability justice, and more. After a decade in that field and a failed attempt at union organizing, they made their way to HR accidentally, and have been there ever since.

In her role at RAN, Tammi leads the HR function which means she works in partnership to recruit and support awesome people, participates in RAN’s racial justice initiatives and other inclusion and belonging efforts, and pretty much anything else that prompts our staff to say they love where they work. She is usually highly caffeinated and strives to bring empathy, levity, and groundedness to her work.

After hours, you can find them spending time in nature (usually foraging), studying herbalism, making cocktails and mocktails, dismantling the gender binary, and hanging out with their cat Emily Dickinson.