Ginger Cassady is the Executive Director of Rainforest Action Network. She has over 20 years of experience securing transformational change with some of the world’s largest corporations and financiers through global campaigns and litigation to protect the environment and uphold human rights. She has spent her career working at the intersection of ecological and social justice issues, with a strong track record of combining strategic thinking and grassroots organizing with effective organizational management and fundraising to achieve high impact results.

Prior to being named executive director, Ginger led program work at RAN for ten years and has been a driving force behind some of RAN’s biggest victories: from the largest legal victory against an oil company in history when Chevron was found liable for polluting the Amazon, to convincing some of the world’s largest financiers, commodity traders, and consumer goods companies to change their policies and practices and stop driving deforestation.

As Program Director, Ginger built a diverse international team leading strategic global campaigns on forest, finance and human rights. Under her leadership, the Forest program tripled in size and budget. She has also helped grow RAN’s Community Action Grants program that has provided more than [$2 million] in funding directly to grassroots, frontline and Indigenous-led allied organizations fighting for the protection of human rights and against profit-driven deforestation and irresponsible resource extraction.

In February 2020, the Board of Directors selected former Forest Program Director Ginger Cassady to become the new executive director at RAN. You can read an introduction to Ginger here.