Ruth brings 13 years of on the ground work with environmental justice frontline communities. She specializes in providing air monitoring, organizing, organizational capacity building, fundraising and media trainings. Ruth has conducted trainings and supported campaigns with with leaders in 35 US States and 10 international locations including key relationships in India, South Africa and Australia. Ruth is a published co-author in academic journals. She is the recipient of the 2009 Healthy School Heroes Award for her leadership in relocating an elementary school in Ohio away from a plastics plant’s cancer causing emissions.

Ruth Breech is a Senior Campaigner with RAN’s Climate and Energy team. Ruth is responsible for organizing corporate accountability campaigns, front line communities impacted by fossil fuel leasing, grassroots support networks across the country and coordinating support for the national working group effort to end the federal fossil fuel leasing program–keep it in the ground.

Most inspiring moment–KEYSTONE XL! Ruth started working on tar sands with supporting community air projects in the Peace River region in Canada and to frontline communities in Detroit and East Chicago. Witnessing the collective energy from the communities and the NGO’s coming together was incredible. The creativity and the escalation of direct action was amazing and truly sparked a fever across the nation. This was an amazing people powered win.

“I came to RAN to take action! Working with frontline communities I have heard so many stories of sickness-asthma, cancer, lung disease–all too common. I felt that if I was going to continue this work to serve these impacted communities, that it was time to escalate into direct action, and RAN does that just right!”