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Fighting for People and Planet

We use people power to challenge business as usual. And we win.


Our strategy works.
Here's how.


Identify Targets & Build Strategic Campaigns

By assessing urgent social and environmental threats, RAN effectively targets the corporate and financial culprits driving the worst impacts.

Build Honest, Authentic Partnerships

RAN partners with, amplifies and supports Indigenous and frontline communities for local led solutions with a global lens.

Center Racial Justice & Human Rights

We remain value-focused, knowing that environmental justice is inextricably linked to racial justice and human rights.

Bring the Facts and the Pressure to Win Systemic Change

We leverage our globally-recognized research and reports, peaceful direct actions, narrative savvy, and high-level corporate negotiations to force policy and practice solutions for real change on the ground. Change that happens by shifting not just companies, but entire industrial sectors to transform the global marketplace.

Expose the devastation of corporate profiteering with RAN's cutting edge research & analysis.

Feb 06, 2024

Charting Our Course: Rainforest Action Network’s Five-Year Strategic Plan

The future of our planet remains in our hands at the moment. But any solutions toward a sustainable future lie at the intersection of forests, climate and human rights. For…

Nov 27, 2023

Breaking the Fracking Cycle: From Texas LNG to Europe

I joined a delegation of women who are on the frontlines of fighting fracking and liquefied methane gas (LNG) in Texas, where we toured European countries with ties to this…

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We use people power to challenge business as usual. And we win.