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Chubb’s Conservation and Methane Standards for Midstream Oil & Gas Remain Inadequate

On April 24th, 2024 Chubb quietly published new conservation-based criteria for its underwriting of midstream oil and gas operations.

Banking on Climate Chaos: Fossil Fuel Finance Report 2024

The world’s 60 biggest banks poured over $6,900,000,000,000 over 8 years into the fossil fuel industry, driving climate chaos & causing deadly local community impacts.

Risk Exposure: The Insurers Secretly Backing The Methane Gas Boom in the US Gulf South

Insurance companies are supposed to protect us from catastrophic risks. Yet when it comes to climate change, insurers perpetuate climate chaos and dependence on fossil fuels.

5-Year Strategic Plan

Banking on Biodiversity Collapse

Tracking the Banks and Investors Driving Topical Deforestation

RAN Annual Report 2023

RAN has been in a months-long process of developing our next five-year strategic plan and so we have had many in-depth conversations about our strategy and our vision for the future…

Complicit: Bank of America’s Role in Fossil Fuel Expansion and the Violation of Human Rights

Bank of America’s current policies and financing practices enable it to profit from climate chaos by leveraging the hard earned dollars of the individual customers it claims to care about, despite its stated commitment to respecting human rights and mitigating climate change.

2023 Update: Rio Grande LNG Final Investment Decision | Rio Grande Valley at Risk from Fracked-gas Export Terminals

Despite the long delays and risks clearly laid out in each of the three editions of this report, NextDecade announced a final investment decision (FID) for the proposed Rio Grande LNG project in July 2023.

Panther, Summer 2023

Banking on Climate Chaos: Fossil Fuel Finance Report 2023

The world’s 60 biggest banks poured over $5,500,000,000,000 over 7 years into the fossil fuel industry, driving climate chaos & causing deadly local community impacts.

Keep Forests Standing: How Local Community Resistance is Saving the Last Rainforests of Borneo

Download Bahasa Indonesia   Company response to Long Isun report The Harita Group Response to RAN RAN response to Harita Group Bumitama response to Harita Group Grievance RAN response to…

RAN Annual Report 2021-2022

Our strength is in our NETWORK. We stand at a critical juncture for life on planet Earth. At stake is our climate, the rich biodiversity of flora and fauna that sustains us, and the future that our children, and their children, will inherit.

RAN COP 27 Position Paper

For too long, those least responsible for our climate crisis pay the highest price — often with their lives. This year’s United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) being held on…

RAN COP 27 Position Paper

Keep Forests Standing Scorecard 2022

Evaluating the Brands and Banks Driving Deforestation and Human Rights Abuses

Keep Forests Standing 2022 – Japanese

キープ・フォレスト・スタンディング 森林&人権方針ランキング2022

RAN Annual Report 2020-2021

Keep Borneo’s Forests Standing

Keep Borneo’s Forests Standing: Evaluating the Forest Footprint of Brands Driving Deforestation and Land Rights Violations in the Indonesian Provinces of North and East Kalimantan, Borneo Click here to read…

COP26: RAN Position Paper

The most important climate talks since the Paris Agreement are scheduled to begin in Glasgow, yet the ability to attend and have a full voice at this conference remains in question for Indigenous Peoples, delegates from the least wealthy nations, and those representing Black and Brown communities across the globe.

Open Letter to All Multinationals Resuming Palm Oil Sourcing from REPSA in Sayaxché, Guatemala

Open Letter to All Multinationals Resuming Palm Oil Sourcing from REPSA in Sayaxché, Guatemala despite its failure to consult with and address the grievances of indigenous communities affected by ecocide,…

The Need for Free, Prior and Informed Consent

An Evaluation of the Policies and Standard Operating Procedures of Ten Major Corporate Groups involved in Forest-Risk Commodity Supply Chains in Southeast Asia

RAN Annual Report 2019-2020

The Panther, Summer 2020

Urgent letter of concern for the safety of land and human rights defenders

Urgent letter of concern for the safety of land and human rights defenders impacted by the Korindo Group and POSCO International, from 126 NGOs

Mempertahankan Tegakan Hutan: Mengungkap Merek dan Bank Pemicu Deforestasi

Mempertahankan Tegakan Hutan: Mengungkap Merek dan Bank Pemicu Deforestasi

Keep Forests Standing: Exposing Brands and Banks Driving Deforestation

Keep Forests Standing: Exposing Brands and Banks Driving Deforestation

Joint NGO Statement on Tokyo 2020 Olympics’ “Fake Sustainability”

Organizers called on to learn from & fix procurement failures linked to rainforest destruction in light of the Olympics postponement

JPMC Policy Briefer

Chase Action Toolkit

Snack Food 20 Policy Implementation Evaluation

Snack Food 20 Policy Implementation Evaluation: A Framework to Assess the Implementation of No Deforestation, No Peatland and No Exploitation Commitments

AXIS Background

Insuring Our Future

APP acknowledges links to controversial suppliers, but fails to release an auditor’s report

Seven takeaways from a new report by Asia Pulp & Paper on links to its pulpwood suppliers in Indonesia



Banking on Climate Change 2019

The tenth annual fossil fuel finance report card grades banks on their policy commitments regarding extreme fossil fuel financing and calculates their financing for these fuels from 2016 to 2018.

5 year Strategic Plan

The Panther Fall, 2018

RAN Annual Report 2017-2018

Chase Financing Coal Power Expansion in Poland 2018

While other European Union countries are setting near-term deadlines to sunset their nal coal mines and generating stations, the Polish government, in complete disregard of climate realities and economic common sense, is pushing ahead with a 1,000 megawatt coal- red power plant in the northeastern city of Ostrołeka.

Chase Financing Coal Power Expansion in Poland 2018 – Polish

Podczas gdy inne kraje Unii Europejskiej wyznaczają bliskie terminy wygaszania swoich kopalń i elektrowni węglowych, polski rząd, nie zważając na realia klimatyczne i zdrowy rozsądek gospodarczy, forsuje projekt elektrowni węglowej o mocy 1000 MW w Ostrołęce.

Broken Promises

Olympic authorities have violated their pledge to host a sustainable Olympics in 2020. Our joint investigation found Korindo wood used in the construction of Olympic venues from the same mill linked to destruction of orangutan habitat and large-scale conversion of tropical rainforests.

Perilous Report

We detail how Korindo’s logging and oil palm operations in North Maluku have, among other things, violated numerous Indonesian laws, destroyed community farms and forests, used fire to clear land, and engaged police who have harassed and mistreated local community members.

Banking on Coal Mining

The big six U.S. banks continue to finance coal mining — including a big spike in financing in 2017 — despite broadly complying with their policies to reduce credit exposure to the industry.

The Panther Spring 2018

A Publication of Rainforest Action Network

Open Letter to RSPO members re P&C

Aligning with ‘No Deforestation’ standards requires the RSPO limit clearance of secondary forest in high forest cover areas

Beyond Paper Promises

Assessing the Impacts of Corporate Pulp and Paper Commitments on Forests and Frontline Communities

Performance Verification Criteria & Indicators

FSC standards cannot be used as a tool to measure or verify the performance of Sinar Mas Group (SMG) and Royal Golden Eagle (RGE) companies, affiliates1 and global wood supply…

White Paper: JPMorgan Chase – Banking on Climate Change

JPMorgan Chase has greatly increased its financing of extreme fossil fuels in recent years, especially to tar sands oil and coal mining. This is flatly incompatible with global climate goals,…

Palm oil sustainability assessment of Salim-related companies in Borneo peat forests

This report presents the sustainability impact of two oil palm plantation companies that operate in Sintang District, on the island of Borneo, Indonesia.

Summary Briefing for Investors, Banks and Regulators in Japan

This is a summary briefing of the 2018 edition of Banking on Climate Change, the ninth annual fossil fuel finance report card, which grades 36 commercial banks from Australia, Canada,…

Banking on Climate Change: Fossil Fuel Finance Report Card 2018

This ninth annual fossil fuel finance report card grades banks on their policy commitments regarding extreme fossil fuel financing and calculates their financing for these fuels from 2015 to 2017….

The Panther Summer 2017

This past year we’ve produced some of our best work yet. We’ve stopped auctions for fossil fuel leases in cities across the country. We’ve exposed the role banks are playing…

RAN Annual Report 2016-2017

The president makes a lot of noise on social media. He’s appointed some awful fossil fuel cronies into key positions. He’s declared that the U.S. is pulling out of the…

The Human Cost of Conflict Palm Oil Revisited

The research reveals that, after one year and five months, systemic labor violations persist on Indofood plantations, and the RSPO system is failing to detect these violations and effectively sanction…

Funding Tar Sands: Private Banks vs. the Paris Agreement

Tar sands occupy a unique place among these fuels due to its high extraction costs, difficulties in getting to market, huge reserves, greenhouse-gas intensity, major local environmental and Indigenous rights…

Banks High Carbon Hidden Risks

Large banks are driving climate change by pumping billions of dollars into carbon-intensive extreme fossil fuels and tropical deforestation, with significant hidden environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks.

PT. Agra Bumi Niaga


Banking On Climate Change Summary

This report card ranks bank policies around the financing of the most carbon-intensive, financially risky, and environmentally destructive sectors of the fossil fuel industry, and sums up the amount of…

2016 ESG Performance Report of MIZUHO FINANCIAL GROUP JUNE 2017

Mizuho’s irresponsible banking practices are fueling dangerous climate change, threatening tropical forests, endangering human health, and facilitating human rights violations.

Banking on Climate Change 2017

Your bank is funding extreme fossil fuels. Tell it to stop. Download the Report

PepsiCo: Profits Over People and Planet

Even as PepsiCo outlines lofty goals through its “Products, People and Planet” vision, its insatiable drive for profits continues to have devastating impacts, both on people at the frontlines of…

Every Investor Has A Responsibility [English]

This report profiles key environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance issues of 8 companies operating in Southeast Asia’s tropical forest-risk commodity sectors.

Still Coughing up for Coal Big Banks After the Paris Agreement

The world’s top commercial banks, many of whom enthusiastically welcomed the Paris Agreement, are failing the planet with their largely unabated, multi-billion dollar support for oil, gas and – most…

A Bridge to Nowhere

El Valle Del Rio Grande

Forests & Finance Brochure

RAN Annual Report 2015 – 2016

Why RAN is Needed Now More Than Ever

The Panther Summer 2016

Conflict Palm Oil: The Human cost of Conflict Palm Oil

The destruction of rainforests, the stealing of local communities’ and Indigenous Peoples’ lands, and the massive greenhouse gas emissions caused by the draining and burning of peatlands for the production of Conflict Palm…

Coal Risk Update

Read the full report here 

The Panther Winter 2016

Shorting the Climate

The Coal Test: Where Banks Stand on Climate at COP 21

  A report from Rainforest Action Network, BankTrack, Friends of the Earth-France, and urgewald, analyzes coal policy strengths and weaknesses and highlights where noncommittal banks fall short. With the world…

Last Place on Earth 2015

Public Lands, Private Profits

  America’s publicly owned lands and offshore waters are being sold at bargain prices for private fossil fuel extraction — making the world’s wealthiest companies even richer while driving the…

False Assurances

Snack Food 20 Report


Kids Orangutan Mask

Kids Coloring Page

The Panther Summer 2015

APP Performance 2015


Conflict Palm Oil Report




The Panther Winter 2011

The Panther Summer 2011

Turning the Page

Turning the Page

White Paper: Asia Pulp & Paper’s Hidden Emissions

Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) is Indonesia’s largest paper company and the fourth largest in the world. Largely driven by the pulp and paper industry, the clearing of rainforests and…

The Panther Winter 2010

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