Samantha serves as Director of Institutional Giving at RAN. A lifelong social justice activist, Samantha learned the ropes of community organizing with the legendary Mel King and the Rainbow Coalition in Boston, Massachusetts, going on to work with Mel at M.I.T.’s Department of Urban Studies and Planning. An “accidental” fundraiser for the M.I.T. Community Fellows Program, Samantha has held escalating leadership positions in nonprofits large and small, securing millions of dollars to drive mission-aligned impact. She most recently served as Associate Director of Fundraising with

Samantha is fervently committed to justice in all its intersectional forms. She started a Minneapolis-based nonprofit Speak Out Sisters! to deliver effective popular education illuminating the ways in which patriarchal power dynamics undergird systemic and institutional oppression. While living in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, she helped conceive of a microeconomic development strategy to build resilience in a small island.

Currently living in Oakland, California, Samantha is a travel fanatic, striving to keep French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese straight while studying via Rosetta Stone. She is thrilled to join the RAN family.