Amanda Starbuck, Climate and Energy Program Director

Andrea Skinner, Executive Programs Manager 

Ashley Schaeffer Yildiz, Rainforest Agribusiness Campaigner
Ben Collins, Research and Policy Campaigner
Bill Barclay, Policy and Research Director
Brad A Schenck, Digital Engagement Director
Chelsea Matthews, Forests Program Assistant
Christy Tennery-Spalding, RFP Campaigner

Christopher J. Herrera, Director of Communications 
Claire Sandberg, Climate and Energy Communications Manager
Emma Rae Lierley, Forests Communications Manager
Emm Augusta Smith Talarico, Stack Developer
Gabe Smalley, Digital Campaign Strategist, Forests
Gemma Tillack, Senior Agribusiness Campaigner
Ginger Cassady, Program Director - Forest
Irina Pekareva, Senior Staff Accountant
Jake Conroy, Online Production and Design Coordinator
Jason Opeña Disterhoft, Digital Campaign Strategist, Climate and Energy
Jeri Howland, Development Director
Jessica Serrante, National Organizer
Lafcadio Cortesi, Asia Campaign Director
Laurel Sutherlin, Senior Communications Strategist
Lauren Bourke, Deputy Development Director
Lindsey Allen, Executive Director
Melanie Berkowitz, Foundations and Programs Assistant
Nancy Johnson, Office Manager
Noel R. Natividad, Chief Operating Officer
Robin Averbeck, Forest Campaigner
Scott Parkin, Climate and Energy Senior Campaigner
Sophia Roudane, Development Coordinator
Toben Dilworth, Art Director
Toyoyuki Kawakami, RAN Japan Representative
Tracy Solum, Protect-an-Acre Program Manager
Vivien Trinh, Development Associate

To reach a staff member please email and your email will be redirected.

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  • commented 2015-03-02 01:30:58 -0800
    I just made my contribution. Thanks for giving us an opporutunity.
  • commented 2015-02-20 02:57:41 -0800
    Too many companies believe people are interchangeable. Truly gifted people never are. They have unique talents. Such people cannot be forced into roles they are not suited for, nor should they be. Effective leaders allow great people to do the work they were born to do.
  • commented 2015-02-19 07:03:32 -0800
    Thats a huge list of staff. Very impressive work.

    Roma Downey | |
  • commented 2015-01-29 09:47:19 -0800
    This is a quick, easy way to help save the rain forest with a simple point and click. Each click generates a donation, paid by advertising sponsors.
  • commented 2015-01-27 19:30:39 -0800
    It’s an old adage that we’ve heard in a variety of ways: surround yourself with people better than you.

    If you’ve ever attended a leadership conference, you’ve heard something to the tune of “good leaders surround themselves with good people, but GREAT leaders surround themselves with people who are even better than they are.”
    Looks as if you have a great team. We are still working on ours.
  • commented 2015-01-13 23:44:30 -0800
    Thats really nice. You have a great staff. Your staff itself is a great strength. We are working on We are now thinking to maintain a staff like this.