Join our growing movement to stop Liberty Mutual from funding climate chaos!

posted by Sarmishta Govindhan
Thanks to all of you for joining our people-powered campaign against Liberty–from calling, Tweeting, and donating to joining us for socially-distanced protests in the streets!

Despite the continuing pandemic, we’re deploying new tactics and strategies against insurance giant and top climate chaos funder, Liberty Mutual. With an upcoming webinar and distributed action plan, we’re providing a variety of avenues, both online and offline, for you to join the growing movement. So many of you have shown up already, and we want YOU—to plug in any way you can. 

You’re invited! Join our webinar next week

Next week, on Wednesday, April 14, you’re invited to our webinar that outlines ways to ramp up pressure on Liberty Mutual, one of the biggest fossil fuel insurers in the world. During the webinar, we’ll feature speakers from frontline communities impacted by the dirty oil projects Liberty Mutual is insuring and outline ways for you to plug in further. The webinar will feature Indigenous leaders and climate activists including a speaker from Indigenous Climate Action, Nauri Toler with Native Movement, Kanahus Manuel with Tiny House Warriors, and co-hosted by Dallas Goldtooth with Indigenous Environmental Network and Sulakshana with Rainforest Action Network.

This webinar is timed to coincide with Liberty’s annual policyholder meeting, also on April 14. Normally, these meetings provide policyholders the opportunity to ask questions or vote on measures—though last year, it didn’t happen that way as the insurance giant shirked accountability for its funding of fossil fuels and trampling of Indigenous rights

We know Liberty’s meeting won’t address policyholder concerns, so we are organizing a people’s policyholder meeting. We will make sure the voices of those impacted by these projects and demanding justice are so loud that the company can’t ignore them.  We’ll keep generating new, creative ways to engage with the dirty insurance Goliath—and we hope we can continue to count on you to show up. 

Organizing in the time of COVID:
Building a more diverse, collaborative, inclusive movement with YOU

Like millions around the world, COVID-19 drastically disrupted the way we do our work. For us, figuring out how to safely organize during a pandemic has cultivated an innovative, accessible, and collaborative approach—allowing many more of you to get involved. 

With businesses and offices shut down and people sheltering at home, we’ve adapted our tactics to ensure the funders of climate chaos know we aren’t going anywhere, all while staying safe. In the process, we began working more directly with all of you—and on a larger scale. So many of you showed up in a variety of ways: you’ve Tweeted at corporate targets, emailed CEOs, and called offices; you’ve signed petitions, donated to grassroots groups, and attended online rallies. You joined our webinar series sharing organizing tips and tricks. And some of you came to our COVID-safe street protests, such as at the offices of climate chaos funders across the globe, or projecting our demands in 30-foot letters outside the homes of CEOs. 

Digital activism is just as important as offline activism. Accessibility matters, and  we’re working hard to build a more diverse, collaborative, and inclusive movement with all of YOU. 

Liberty Mutual wants us all to lose

Activists protest against Liberty’s funding of the Trans Mountain pipeline. Photo Credit: Austin Smith/350 Seattle

We launched our campaign Insure Our Future in 2019. Since then, Liberty Mutual still remains one of the biggest fossil fuel insurers in the world and continues to gush funds into fossil fuels by insuring projects like Trans Mountain and the now-cancelled Keystone XL pipelines. These foul pipelines are hacked through endangered wetlands, concerned communities, and Indigenous lands without the consent of their rightful stewards. If we’re to meet the goals outlined in the Paris Climate Agreement and avoid lasting climate-related damage, Liberty Mutual must stop insuring fossil fuels—or we all lose.  

Towards the end of 2020, we danced with Liberty in a series of announcements and rebuttals. In December, Liberty announced it had signed on to the Principles for Responsible Investment, a global network of financial stakeholders pledging to incorporate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations into decisions. This latest empty concession still has a glaring absence: adopting any policies limiting business with oil and gas projects or companies . Until Liberty shows it’s serious about #InsuringOurFuture, and with your continued support, we’ll keep amplifying and intensifying our calls for change.  Your move, Liberty. 

Stay in the loop

Can’t attend next week’s webinar, but still want to stay in the loop on future actions? Reach out to We’d love to hear from you!