Pipelines like Keystone XL, Line 3, and Trans Mountain are built on Indigenous lands without consent, endanger the safety of Indigenous women, and poison nearby communities.

By Ruth Breech

On October 2, hundreds of people around the globe joined together to demand that Chase, Liberty Mutual, and other financial institutions stop backing the destructive tar sands sector and respect Indigenous rights. Activists took to the streets outside Chase branches, Liberty Mutual offices, and BlackRock buildings in Boston, NYC, Minnesota, San Francisco, Portland, London, and beyond, calling on these companies to #StopTheMoneyPipeline.
At the same time, more than five hundred people joined live for an online rally to hear directly from Indigenous and community leaders on the frontlines of resistance to tar sands extraction, pipeline, and refinery projects, including Nigel Robinson, Tara Houska, Nina Berglund, Kanahus Manuel, the Cheyenne River Grassroots Collective, and Lucy Molina. The rally also included nearly twenty actions that you can take from your home to pressure these financial giants.
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Highlights of speakers:

As the climate crisis escalates, Indigenous women are demanding that financial institutions respect Indigenous Rights and end financing for Tar Sands, one of the most carbon-intensive fossil fuels on Earth. Over 40 Indigenous women leaders sent a letter to 70 major banks, insurers, and asset managers, calling for policies respecting Indigenous Rights, accelerating a just transition toward renewable, regenerative energy, and ending all support for dirty tar sands oil.


Indigenous peoples across the U.S. are already experiencing the devastating impacts of fossil fuel extraction, climate chaos, and the COVID-19 pandemic. With key financial decision points looming on the Keystone XL, Line 3, and Trans Mountain pipelines, moving forward with construction will only exacerbate the issues Indigenous communities already endure. This letter and the signatories are supported by 160 Indigenous rights, environmental, and social justice organizations.

Liberty Mutual: Insure Our Future!

The insurance industry understands the dangers of the climate crisis we’re in. They know this isn’t a future problem, because they’re paying for climate damages right now in communities across the country. But instead of protecting our communities, they’re increasing the costs of insurance or withdrawing coverage entirely from regions that are experiencing the worst climate impacts now, like the coasts of Florida and wildfire-ravaged counties in California.
We’re demanding that the nation’s top insurance companies phase out their support of fossil fuels, starting with coal and tar sands, two of the most carbon-intensive energy sources.


Chase: Defund Climate Change!

We are demanding basic moral and financial responsibility from Chase. We demandChase to #DefundClimateChange, respect #IndigenousRights, and stop profiting off of climate chaos. It’s time to say NO MORE to Chase profiting off the climate emergency.


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