Liberty’s latest announcement proves our people-powered campaign is working

By Elana Sulakshana
Rainforest Action Network Launches Campaign Targeting Liberty Mutual, Top Fossil Fuel Insurer
Climate activists demanding real change from Liberty Mutual. Photo Credit: Anto A. / RAN

Despite claims that the company is taking efforts to curb climate change, insurance giant Liberty Mutual continues to back fossil fuel projects while refusing to meet with impacted communities. Our latest campaign efforts, which included a website launch, scathing policy analysis, and global day of action, forced one of the world’s top fossil fuel insurers to respond. 

RAN blasts hollow policies from Liberty Mutual, forcing a response

Every new fossil fuel project needs investors and insurance. Insurance giant Liberty Mutual provides both.

Following RAN’s scathing response to Liberty Mutual’s first ever Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Review in October 2020, one of the world’s top fossil fuel insurers made an additional concession: in December, Liberty Mutual announced it has signed onto the Principles for Responsible Investment. Liberty’s latest announcement still lacks the urgent and immediate action needed to address climate chaos, yet this series of moves reflects the growing wave of public pressure. Tides are changing. Thank YOU for being a part of the underlying current. 

Liberty Mutual’s most recent announcement proves our campaign is working. In response to their ESG Review in October, a RAN-led coalition turned up the heat with a new website, Liberty’s Climate Crisis. RAN promoted the launch by releasing a blistering analysis of their “sustainability” policies endorsed by Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, who represents the very district in Massachusetts where Liberty Mutual is headquartered. 

Even with these recent moves, Liberty’s policies continue to be lip service in response to the growing coalition of grassroots organizations, Indigenous leaders and frontline communities demanding real change. If Liberty is serious about its purported commitments, then it needs to adopt policies with teeth and stop supporting fossil fuel expansion projects like the Keystone XL and Trans Mountain pipelines. 

People power, not coal power

In October, a coalition of Indigenous leaders, grassroots groups, and concerned citizens like you coordinated a Tar Sands Day of Action at Liberty Mutual offices in Boston, San Francisco, Portland, Plano, Bristol and London in solidarity with communities fighting tar sands projects on the frontlines. Activists delivered petitions demanding that the insurance giant respect Indigenous rights and take action in line with the scope and urgency of the climate emergency. 

Our heartfelt thanks to those of you who showed up in the streets, signed petitions, made a gift, and shared the truth behind Liberty Mutual on social media. We win campaigns because of our people power–and that’s all thanks to you. 

Liberty Mutual’s dirty little secret

Liberty Mutual stands as one of the biggest fossil fuel insurers in the world. From insuring pipeline projects like Keystone XL and TransMountain to the construction of new coal mines, Liberty Mutual is unabashedly funding climate chaos. 

That’s why we teamed up with partners in 2019 to launch Insure Our Future, a campaign targeting insurance companies in order to debilitate the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure. At RAN, we have a track record of moving even the most stubborn of targets. Momentum is building. Change is coming. And with your support, we can’t lose.

Rainforest Action Network Launches Campaign Targeting Liberty Mutual, Top Fossil Fuel Insurer