VIDEO: Creativity And Passion Are Driving The Occupation Of Wall Street

posted by Rainforest Action Network

Walking around the “Island of Humanity” that is #OccupyWallStreet, I’m struck most by the creativity of expression and the impressive amount of organizing that has gone into keeping this three-week occupation going. It’s almost overwhelming to be here. But it’s also incredibly inspiring.

I’ve been having some wonderful conversations and plotting sessions with a new crew of allies here on Wall Street. RAN has been focused on banks, demanding social and environmental justice, for many years. But now it finally feels like we’re part of a large and growing movement. It’s very exciting. I could say so much more, but Adrienne Maree Brown already said it so well in her blog post, “from liberty plaza.”

I had the honor of addressing Occupy Wall Street last night. Just thought I’d share the video with you so you could see the communal spirit and passion that is keeping this occupation going strong:

[youtube gG0Gx-39F58 550]

(If you’re ready to stop doing business with Bank of America, sign the Not One More Dollar pledge now.)

I was particularly struck by the creativity in all the handmade signs. Here are three that spoke to me.

“#Occupy Earth” – Makes a link between taking back our own communities, wherever we may live, and taking back our natural resources from corporate control.

Obama: Stop Milking The Bull
“Obama Stop Milking the Bull” – A reference to the famous Bull sculpture that lives on Wall Street. Right now, none of us can get anywhere close to this bull, as it stands surrounded by an army of NYPD and their barricades. These public servants appear to be deployed to protect the private interests, rather than the taxpayers.

Too Big To Fail Is Too Big To Exist
“Too Big to Fail is Too Big to Allow” – A heartfelt cry for a serious overhaul of the financial system that has allowed such a small number of oversized banks to seize control of our economy — and trash it.