Pledge to Stop Doing Business With Bank of America

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Dear Bank of America,
I, pledge to unless you stop financing the polluting coal industry. My e-mail address is and my postal code is .

Wall Street banks are trashing our economy and our environment in the name of their own profits. One of the biggest banks in the world, Bank of America, is the worst of the worst: Despite taking billions in taxpayer-funded bailout money, Bank of America announced fee hikes for customers who want to use their debit cards at the same time that the bank is laying off 30,000 employees. Bank of America is also the leading forecloser of Americans’ homes and the leading funder of coal projects that are polluting our communities and wrecking the climate.

Now’s your chance to let Bank of America know that we won’t stand for its greed any longer. You'll have the opportunity after you sign the pledge to let us know why you're closing your account. We’ll take all of your pledges to stop doing business with Bank of America directly to bank executives.

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