Occupy Wall Street: What You Can Do

posted by Rainforest Action Network

While pundits and the media blow hot air about whether Occupy Wall Street is a movement or not, thousands of protestors in cities across the globe are hitting the streets to make their voices heard. A tinder box of social and economic injustices have moved college grads, nurses, librarians, doctors, lawyers, labor, moms, elected officials, environmentalists, and many others to the tipping point. “The one thing we all have in common is that We Are The 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%.”

Like most of us, they’re not going to take it anymore.

As the brilliant economist and columnist Paul Krugman writes in the New York Times yesterday, “Wall Street’s Masters of the Universe realize, deep down, how morally indefensible their position is. They’re people who got rich by peddling complex financial schemes that, far from delivering clear benefits to the American people, helped push us into a crisis whose aftereffects continue to blight the lives of tens of millions of their fellow citizens.”

Let that echo in the halls of power.

So in case you can’t be there in person, we have put together collages of some of our favorite photos via Time Magazine, Tim Karr, and Buzzfeed for you to get a taste of what you’re missing. We’re also re-printing the “5 Things You Can Do Now” from the Occupied Wall Street Journal‘s second issue.

The time has come.

5 Things You Can Do Now


  • Bring instruments, food, bedding, rain gear and your friends.



  • Visit nycga.net/donate
  • Make a tax-deductable donation to the New York City General Assembly
  • You can also mail a check or money order to: Alliance for Global Justice, 1247 “E” Street, SE Washington, DC, 20003. Please indicate “Occupy Wall Street” in the memo line. Or call 202 544 9355 to make a telephone donation.
  • On Twitter: #needsoftheoccupiers
  • If you are in the area come by and drop off: prepared food, nonperishable food (vegan and gluten free so anyone can eat it), sweatshirts, sweatpants, socks.
  • You can mail packages to us: UPS Store, 118A Fulton St. #205 New York, NY, 10038



5 Things You Can Do Now reprinted from: http://www.breakingcopy.com/occupied-wall-street-journal-issue-2-pdf

Occupy Wall St. Photos from Time Magazine


Occupy Wall St. Photos from Tim Karr


Occupy Wall St. Photos from Buzzfeed