Challenging Banks,
the Fossil Fuel Funders

For years, RAN has been pushing big banks to cut financing to new and existing fossil fuel projects — especially the particularly destructive ones like tar sands, Arctic, offshore oil & gas, fracking, coal mining, coal power, and liquefied natural gas (LNG). If we are to have any chance of stopping the devastating impacts of climate change, banks must completely phase out their support for fossil fuels, starting with these devastating projects.

Coal, Tar Sands and Fracked Gas: Fueling Climate Change

Climate change has played a heavy hand in making weather events more serious, and sometimes more often. And where there isn’t more rain, there are longer, and more frequent droughts that lead to longer, more dire fire seasons. Extracting fossil fuels like coal, tar sands, and fracked gas are contributing to climate chaos at an alarming rate, and so are the institutions that finance this dirty energy.

3 RANimals in Poland

Three of us from RAN’s climate and energy team––Paddy, Jason and myself––have just arrived in Katowice, a small city in the heart of Polish coal mining country for COP24, the…

RAN attends cop24 2018

Chase Financing Coal Power Expansion in Poland 2018

While other European Union countries are setting near-term deadlines to sunset their nal coal mines and generating stations, the Polish government, in complete disregard of climate realities and economic common sense, is pushing ahead with a 1,000 megawatt coal- red power plant in the northeastern city of Ostrołeka.

Chase Financing Coal Power Expansion in Poland 2018 – Polish

Podczas gdy inne kraje Unii Europejskiej wyznaczają bliskie terminy wygaszania swoich kopalń i elektrowni węglowych, polski rząd, nie zważając na realia klimatyczne i zdrowy rozsądek gospodarczy, forsuje projekt elektrowni węglowej o mocy 1000 MW w Ostrołęce.