Top 10 Ways To Celebrate World Rainforest Week

By Rainforest Action Network

Happy World Rainforest Week!

Indonesian Rainforest, Sumatra. Photo courtesy of RAN

How will YOU celebrate rainforests from October 17-24? Please add your ideas, activities, and commitments as a comment to this blog to keep our thoughts and actions fresh with new ways to think global and act local.

Here are some ideas from our staff, friends, and activist like YOU about how they will be honoring and sharing the beauty and importance of our world’s precious rainforests all week (and beyond!)

1 Be A Rainforest Hero

Visit with the kids and youth in your life to learn about rainforests and their awesome inhabitants. Sign up for yourself or your class to be Rainforest Heroes today!

Rainforest Heroes
Rainforest Heroes

2 Watch Green

Watch the films GREEN and Orang-Rimba: Happiness Lies in the Forest with your friends or family. GREEN is a powerful, beautiful film that documents orangutan habitat loss in Indonesia through the eyes of one of its victims. The second film documents the impacts of deforestation on Indigenous Peoples, such as the nomadic Orang Rimba who live in the Jambi and Riau provinces of Sumatra. Then, write a letter to one of the companies destroying Indonesia’s rainforests telling them to change their practices.

3 Breathe

Take a deep breath. Know that rainforests produce 20% of the oxygen we breath. Say thanks!

4 Meet Tiki

  • Become friends with Tiki the Tiger on Facebook
  • Follow Tiki on Twitter
  • Sign Tiki the Tiny Tiger’s petition
  • Visit to learn about the cutest, tiniest Sumatran Tiger in the whole wide world- and how YOU can help save his rainforest home.

5 Eat Rainforest Food

Incorporate sustainably-harvested rainforest foods into a meal and savor a taste of what incredible (and delicious) plants have evolved in such biodiverse tropical areas!

6 Love Indonesia’s Rainforests

Join our We Love Indonesia’s Rainforests Facebook fan page

Zapara Elder, Ecuador. Photo courtesty of RAN.

7 Protect An Acre

Donate to RAN’s Protect-an-Acre fund. PAA is a small grants program which contributes directly to forest communities struggling to protect their rainforest homelands and the natural-resource base on which these communities rely. Learn about the Zapara People of the Ecuadorian Amazon, our featured PAA grant.

8 Sleuth at the Store

Sleuth out Rainforest-Safe Books at your local bookstore with our free, easy-to-download Sleuth toolkit.

9 Get There Without Chevron

Skip the gas station (especially Chevron), ride your bike, walk or take the bus.  Learn about what Chevron has dumped in the Amazon and tell Chevron to take responsibility and  CLEAN UP ECUADOR.

10 Be Brilliant

We want to hear your ideas for how to celebrate World Rainforest Week. Please comment below and let us know how you intend to especially celebrate rainforests this week!