The Power of Film: Indonesian Deforestation Exposed

posted by Rainforest Action Network

Between major environmental campaigns, international policy negotiations, and increasingly critical threats to biodiversity and local communities, the issue of Indonesian rainforest destruction is gaining much needed recognition as a critical cause. Most recently, two incredible short films have been released detailing the intense realities of this environmental crisis: one from the perspective of an Indigenous community, another through the eyes of a dying orangutan.

Orang Rimba- Happiness Lies in the Forest reveals the ongoing struggle of the Indigenous Orang Rimba community in Sumatra, Indonesia against palm oil giant Sinar Mas who is destroying their sacred homelands and converting them to palm oil plantations. The film highlights the powerless plight of forest communities trying to find leverage against huge corporations.

Green: The Film
Green: The Film

GREEN brings to light the costs of our increasing worldwide consumption of paper and palm oil products by showing the heart-wrenching memories of a dying orangutan. This silent film presents poignant footage of the harsh realities that Indonesian rainforest destruction is inflicting upon endangered species like orangutans.

GREEN and Orang Rimba not only allow the stories of those directly affected by Indonesian deforestation to be heard, but they also motivate viewers to be more informed as consumers and speak out against the practices of paper and palm oil giants. It is more important than ever that we use films like these to spread knowledge about the injustices going on in the forests of Indonesia and expose the key companies imposing them.

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