Is TNFD an answer to the biodiversity crisis?

The Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) has emerged as a proposed solution to the biodiversity crisis — but it’s a product of the same collusion between corporations and regulators that has deepened, not helped, the planet’s biodiversity crisis.

Biodiversity — Earth’s million-piece puzzle

The forests of the world are “biodiversity hotspots,” places where we can find an extraordinarily high number of unique species — including species that are currently threatened with extinction in the wild. But biodiversity is so much more than just the sum total of individual species, which is why we have to protect places like the last tropical rainforests, stretching from Indonesia to the Amazon, with all that we have.

Baby elephant walking

We must keep forests standing, uphold rights and protect the climate

Here we are in a new year and 2020 requires bold action from all of us. We must keep forests intact and standing. We must uphold the rights of frontline and Indigenous communities as they face the most immediate harm. We must draw a line in the sand: not another forest cleared.

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The Leuser Ecosystem: At the Frontlines of Extinction

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From the Field: A Call To Protect Sumatra’s Crown Jewel

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ADM vs. Responsible Palm Oil & Human Rights

Unlike 2008’s showdown, nobody from RAN attended this year’s Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) shareholder meeting to hold CEO Patricia Woertz’ ass to the fire. Nonetheless, ADM did not get away…