The Price of Procter & Gamble’s Inaction

Last week, we protested outside Procter & Gamble’s headquarters in Cincinnati, demanding that the company take action against deforestation and human rights abuses in its global supply chain. A broad…

“When we lose our land, we lose our identity.”

Indigenous peoples in North Sumatra are facing threats to their identities, livelihoods and safety as corporations destroy the rainforests that their communities have relied on for generations. In this open…

Indigenous Australians to Investors: Dump Adani Group

55 banks dropped direct financing of the Carmichael Adani Coal Mine – yet indirect investment keeps it afloat (Queensland) The Wangan and Jagalingou Cultural Custodians of Queensland, Australia, are calling…

Is Procter & Gamble a Climate and Rights Villain?

Procter & Gamble likes to pretend it’s a climate hero, but it’s really a classic villain. Its far-flung suppliers cause social and environmental mayhem all the way from the tropical forests of Indonesia to the boreal forests of Canada.

Hutan adalah diri kami sendiri

Masyarakat Adat di Indonesia sedang memperjuangkan wilayah adatnya — perjuangan mereka menjadi kunci dalam upaya menjaga kelestarian hutan. Read this article in English >> Read this page is Japanese >>…

Provide Direct Funding to the Grassroots

Since 1993, RAN’s Community Action Grants program has distributed more than 5 million dollars in grants to more than 400 frontline communities, Indigenous- led organizations, and allies, helping their efforts to secure protection of traditional territory in forests around the world and helping to keep carbon in the ground.

Indigenous and Frontline Communities Are Our Best Defense

The most effective and long lasting approach to preventing deforestation and the massive climate pollution it causes is to defend and uphold the territorial land rights of Indigenous peoples. RAN takes leadership and partners closely with Indigenous allies around the world to support their frontline fights to defend their communities from corporate exploitation and abusive government policies.