10,000 people to Weyerhaeuser: Out of Grassy Narrows NOW!

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This afternoon I joined SeaRAG activist Liz and SeaRAG’s newest member, baby Sequoia to deliver nearly 10,000 petitions to Weyerhaeuser’s corporate headquarters in Federal Way, Washington.

Liz and Sequoia outside Weyerhaeuser

The petitions came from RAN members who diligently signed and returned them to RAN over the years, and we thought that it was important for Weyerhaeuser to see how many we’ve collected. Liz, Sequoia and I left the petitions with a Weyerhaeuser representative who assured us that he would deliver them to Weyerhaeuser CEO Steve Rogel.

Sequoia and I with the petitionsDiscussing Weyerhaeuser's purchasing of Grassy Narrows' wood

We’ve been pressuring Weyerhaeuser to stop purchasing wood from the Grassy Narrows First Nation’s traditional territory for years now, and they still haven’t gotten the message – hopefully these petitions will help.

Thank you to everyone who signed one of these petitions to Weyerhaeuser!!!!