One World, One Dream:Free Tibet!

posted by scott parkin

I’ve had a pretty crazy inspiring week here in San Francisco. It’s a rare moment where you truly feel like an action has gotten into some cultural consciousness. This is one of those moments.

At about 10:00 am Monday morning, 3 people began climbing the cables on the Golden Gate Bridge. In advance of the Beijing Olympic Torch coming to San Francisco on Wednesday, the climbers unfurled 2 giant banners above the bridge – stating “One World: One Dream – Free Tibet”. Police responded quickly, but the climbers were successfully able to ascend the bridge, and display the banner for several hours. 4 helicopters circled the demonstration, broadcasting the events live.

tibet 2

7 people were eventually taken into custody.

Arrestee’s included me, several friends from Students for a Free Tibet, RAN and Ruckus.

For photos, video, press release, and the story from today – please visit here.

For news coverage, it has been a leading story on almost every international media outlet– NY Times (front page color picture “above the fold”) CNN, Reuters, AP, Guardian UK, International Herald and far, far beyond.

As the Olympic Torch travels the world – massive protests from the Tibetan and Burmese communities have drawn international attention to China’s lack of human rights and press freedom. In recent weeks, Chinese police have reportedly killed over 100 Tibetans who were peacefully protesting in their communities, and their human rights actions have become worse in response to being Olympic hosts.

In Paris, thousands protested the torch – hanging giant banners from the Eiffel Tower, forcing authorities to cut the torch run short and extinguish the torch three times. In the UK, dozens were arrested in acts of civil disobedience, including a banner hang off the Westminster Bridge in front of Parliament. And in two days here in San Francisco, thousands will flood the streets from across North America – raising their voices in objection to China’s attempt to use the Olympics to hide their atrocities in Tibet. Massive civil disobedience and non-violent direct action is expected – as the Tibetan community, their allies, and committed people for justice rise up.

Free Tibet!