What does winning on the PepsiCo Campaign mean?

Got questions? We’ve got answers! Here are the top five Q&A’s that’ll give you a sense of just how monumental a move this is!

Community Struggles for Land Rights and Livelihoods in Singkil-Bengkung region

Tens of thousands of people depend on the intact forests of the Leuser Ecosystem and the area is rife with looming threats and unresolved conflicts between local communities and rogue palm oil plantation operators. The expansion of palm oil plantation companies has harmed community livelihoods by damaging local resources, including agricultural land such as rice fields, and has brought terror, intimidation and criminalization into the lives of local community members.

The Day After: And Tomorrow

Our Executive Director, Lindsey Allen’s perspective on the recent US Midterm Elections and what the results mean for the forests, climate, and our work.

The Human Cost of Forest Fabrics

Behind the shiny exteriors and glossy magazine advertisements of American fashion brands hides some disturbing truths. Communities like those in Pandumaan-Sipituhuta in Northern Sumatra, featured in the short film below…

Brutal Murder in APP Plantation

Underlines the need to understand and address severe land conflicts and the disconnect between policy commitments and real change on the ground. Last Friday afternoon, February 27th, Indra Pelani, a…

Canada Approves Northern Gateway Pipeline, Opponents Vow Fierce Resistance

“We will defend our territories whatever the costs may be.” — Alliance of 31 First Nations This week, despite broad public opposition, Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper approved Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline….