Pipeline of poison

Despite decades of organizing and non-violent direct action against tar sands led by Indigenous and First Nations communities, energy corporation Enbridge recently began construction on the toxic Line 3 pipeline. Here’s how we’re supporting the fight to #StopLine3–and how YOU can join in.

Protesters holding banner that reads We will stop Line 3

Relentless pressure on Liberty Mutual forces insurance giant to respond

Despite claims that the company is taking efforts to curb climate change, Liberty Mutual continues to back fossil fuel projects while refusing to meet with impacted communities.Our latest campaign efforts, which include a website launch, scathing policy analysis, and global day of action, forced the insurance giant to respond.

Rainforest Action Network Launches Campaign Targeting Liberty Mutual, Top Fossil Fuel Insurer

Coal, Tar Sands and Fracked Gas: Fueling Climate Change

Climate change has played a heavy hand in making weather events more serious, and sometimes more often. And where there isn’t more rain, there are longer, and more frequent droughts that lead to longer, more dire fire seasons. Extracting fossil fuels like coal, tar sands, and fracked gas are contributing to climate chaos at an alarming rate, and so are the institutions that finance this dirty energy.

Who’s Banking Enbridge?

The Line 3 pipeline runs roughshod over Indigenous rights and threatens our shared climate by expanding access to dirty tar sands oil.