By Ayse Gürsöz

The disastrous Keystone XL pipeline was just granted approval by Nebraska’s Public Service Commission in a 3-2 vote — but the fight’s not over yet!

They need two things to build the KXL pipeline: permits and money. For the moment, TransCanada has a permit for an alternative route — but that will continue to face fierce opposition. And now we have a chance to challenge TransCanada’s funding. That’s where you come in.

Join 20,000 others and tell JPMorgan Chase and 18 other banks to #DefundKXL by saying No to TransCanada on December 15.

We know that this massive tar sands pipeline would be a disaster for everybody except the friends of the Trump administration who will be lining their pockets at the planet’s expense. But even fossil fuel giants like TransCanada need the support of big banks to lend them the money required for such a gargantuan industrial infrastructure project.

Tell JPMorgan Chase to drop TransCanada, the company behind the KXL pipeline.

JPMorgan Chase is one of TransCanada’s lead banks and the #1 US funder of extreme fossil fuels and tar sands oil. We know that extreme fossil fuels like tar sands spell disaster for the climate, the environment and human rights. We need a rapid phase-out of extreme fossil fuels now! Yet the Keystone pipeline, if built, would lock us into decades of expanded tar sands extraction.

We stopped KXL before and we can do it again — if we follow the money. We need your help to show banks that we won’t tolerate threats to clean water, the climate and Indigenous rights.

Sign this petition to tell banks to drop TransCanada and Keystone XL!