Tripa: Social Media Week of Action

By Rainforest Action Network

RAN’s work around the fires in Tripa has come to a fever pitch this week! For months, we have been highlighting how corporate giants such as Cargill have been abusing their power in the palm oil industry — and now it’s up to the Indonesian government to order an immediate halt to all Tripa rainforest destruction.

This week, Rainforest Action Network launched a social media campaign to put even more of a public face on what’s at stake: namely, continued rainforest destruction and species endangerment. What’s particularly striking is that there have been at least 86 more major fires since an investigation was launched months ago. So, with the help of some of our allies, and thousands of people all over the world participating, RAN was able to shed some more light on how deforestation for palm oil touches our daily lives.

On Tuesday, we depicted the stark reality of the precious, critically endangered Sumatran orangutan — at risk of becoming completely extinct unless action is taken:
On Wednesday, we shared an image of Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono calling for the “fundamental reorganization and reinvention of societies throughout the world” — while 86 illegal fire hotspots in Tripa were documented. The Indonesian government has a paramount role in helping to control the raging fires in Tripa.
And on Thursday, we tied it all together to show our individual role in contributing to this tragedy. With over half of all goods in the grocery store containing palm oil, the ability to control destruction is closer than we think:

To demand that Indonesian President SBY order an immediate halt to all Tripa rainforest destruction, please sign our petition at: