Taking a Cue From RAN? Democrats Give Bank of America Stadium Another Rename

By Rainforest Action Network

Seems like no one is happy with the name of Charlotte, NC’s Bank of America Stadium these days.

Just two months after we renamed it “Bank of Coal” Stadium to point out that BofA is still the #1 financier of the US coal industry, Democrat Party leaders have dubbed Bank of America Stadium “Panthers Stadium”.

Here’s a photo of Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama scaling the sides of BofA Stadium to hang a banner announcing the new name, “Panthers Stadium”, just like our activists did back in May.*

Politico reports:

National Democrats have repeatedly touted their stand against taking corporate money for their convention in September, and so it was striking to see two emails from the DNC host committee referring to the Charlotte venue where President Obama will speak as “Panthers Stadium.”

It’s the place where the Panthers play, but it’s actually called Bank of America stadium.

It’s pretty easy to see why the Democrats wouldn’t want to be associated with Bank of America, which is still very much one of the least trusted names in America. President Obama is supposed to accept the party’s nomination at BofA Stadium at the end of the Democratic National Convention.

I guess Obama has decided that he already has enough problems to deal with thanks to Bank of America: millions of Americans kicked out of their homes, poisoned by coal-burning power plants, and fired from their jobs — all thanks to the reckless, greedy behavior of Bank of America and other big Wall Street banks.

* This is a Photoshop job. To the best of our knowledge, Nancy and Barack do not climb.