Touring Toronto with Grassy Grandmas

posted by Brant Ran

Here’s David’s report from his trip up to Ontario this week.

The Grassy Narrows speaking tour has turned out to be a real hit – we have reached about 450 people in 6 cities in one week.

Re-envisioning Relationships ConferenceYou can hear a pin drop while the Grassy Narrows clan mothers speak, and they have had some very positive things to say about their collaboration with RAN.

Today Judy was keynote speaker to about 200 delegates (First Nations, NGOs, activists, academics) at a conference focused on collaborations between Indigenous groups and NGO’s called “Re-envisioning Relationships.”

ConferenceAs a prop she used a power point slide show I put together from this summer. We gave out hundreds of our beautiful new stickers, posters and pamphlets, and about 100 people signed our petition. People begged for copies of the DVD.

Yesterday we unfurled our banner on the steps of the legislature and did interviews with NOW magazine and Aboriginal Peoples Television Network after speaking to another great crowd in Toronto.

The photo-set is on our Flickr account here.