Reverend Billy Is Free!

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We just got this update from Reverend Billy of the Church of Earthalujah:

Reverend Billy has been acquitted of all charges for last year’s action on Buy Nothing Day at UBS in New York City. During the action, the Stop Shopping Choir dressed as angels in flowing white robes and wings, filled the lobby, and handed out information about UBS’s financing of mountaintop removal.

More recently, Reverend Billy has been lending his talents to the Occupy movement. According to the Rev: “We are meditating on this year’s Buy Nothing Day activities, with all the Occupy Wall Street energy. Certainly surprised by the acquittal. The judge was a former prosecutor and apparent Republican. Maybe he’s come over to the 99%.”

Here’s the choir’s anthem, “We are the 99% (as we gather together)”:

[youtube IgEdrh617qs 550]