Pardee Homes: Is this the way you want to live?

posted by Rainforest Action Network

On Saturday June 9th RAN activists headed to Sacramento to protest Pardee Homes’ newest developments at Poppylane and Cottonwood. The action was great – we spent most of the morning and afternoon talking to Pardee employees, potential home buyers and passers by about the environmental destruction and human rights abuses caused by Pardee’s parent company, Weyerhaeuser.

This summary comes from the Old Growth campaign’s new intern, Kevin:

San Francisco RAN activists traveled to Sacramento last Saturday to protest Weyerhaeuser’s clear-cut logging practices in the Grassy Narrows community. The logging giant’s wholly owned subsidiary Pardee Homes bore the brunt of bad publicity as its newest housing development was linked to human rights violations and environmental destruction. Interest by prospective new home buyers ran high as protesters alerted them to the stolen wood that Pardee homes are built with. Pardee employees attempted to counter the negative attention with an appeasement angle, offering cold water and snacks to the activists. It will take more than bottled water and trail mix to make RAN back down on this issue however. Weyerhaeuser and its home building subsidiaries will continue to find themselves a target until they stop logging endangered forestland and ruining the lives of the indigenous people who depend on them.