CALL TO ACTION – Protest Bank of America’s Shareholders meeting!

By Matt Ran

For the past year, thousands of activists across the country and organizations including Rainforest Action Network, Rising Tide North America, Coal River Mountain Watch, Appalachian Voices, Mountain Justice Summer, SEAC , Energy Justice Network, Blue Ridge Earth First!, and many more have joined together to pressure Bank of America to stop funding coal. From financing mountain-top removal minining, to investing in new coal-fired power plants, Bank of America is financing the destruction of our climate and communities – and no amount of green PR and marketing will change this fact.

From hundreds of rallies and protests at bank branches; guerilla theater closing ATM’s; shareholder resolutions, confronting bank executives, and direct action at their offices, Bank of America is feeling the pressure to rethink their investment policies! Come join us at Bank of America’s annual shareholder meeting this month – and make sure every one of their executives, board members, and shareholders hear our demands for a just, sustainable future!

Please help promote this call to action, and organize your community to join us in Charlotte April 23rd!

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CALL TO ACTION – Protest Bank of America’s Shareholders meeting!

Spread the word! Bank of America is having their annual shareholders meeting in Charlotte, NC on Wednesday, April 23rd. Join us to demand that they stop financing mountain top removal, new coal-fired power plants, and climate change!

Come to Charlotte, bring your friends, and be ready to make a ruckus! We’d especially love to have musicians, street theater, self-organized actions, colorful banners and signs. The meeting and protest will be in central downtown Charlotte at a theater adjoining B of A’s headquarters. Some housing will be available for out of town folks in Charlotte on the 22nd and 23rd – contact matt (at) or abigail (at) for housing to get involved!

Protest Bank of America’s shareholder meeting!
April 23rd in Charlotte, NC
10am at the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center – 130 N. Tryon Street

While the world is calling for immediate action to confront climate change, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and end our reliance on dirty coal energy – Bank of America is continuing to use your money to invest in the most destructive and polluting industries.

Coal is:

  • Responsible for nearly 40 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The largest source of toxic mercury contamination in the world and a major contributor to acid rain, smog, water contamination, and depletion of freshwater supplies.
  • A leading cause of asthma and lung cancer. Power plants are responsible for more than 24,000 deaths annually.
  • The cause of 554,000 asthma attacks, 16,200 cases of chronic bronchitis, and 38,200 non-fatal heart attacks annually. That adds up to $160 billion in coal-related health care expenses every year.
  • Destroying hundreds of mountains, burying thousands of miles of streams, poisoning water supplies, and devastating local communities throughout Appalachia as a result of Mountain Top Removal coal mining practices

James Hansen (NASA’s top climate scientist), Al Gore, Senators John Edwards, John Kerry, Harry Reid, and many governors across the country have called for an immediate halt to new coal development. But in the US alone, over 120 new coal plants are proposed, and Bank of America is lining up to cash in on this “Coal Rush”. They are major investors of thee worst coal companies, including Duke Energy, Dominion Resources, Dynegy Corporation, Massey Energy, Arch Coal, Peabody Energy, Southern Power and many more.

By transitioning to a clean energy future that prioritizes energy efficiency and clean renewable sources like solar and wind power; we can meet our energy needs, build a stronger economy, keep our communities healthy, and curb climate change.