Let’s talk about Palm Oil, Baby

posted by Malachi Robinson

Last night PepsiCo re-launched its 90’s throwback drink, Crystal Pepsi. It was a 90’s-filled night, with performances by Salt-N-Pepa and En Vogue.  In typical 90’s nerd fashion, we weren’t invited, so we crashed the party.


With the help of our friends at the Illuminator Collective and a team of palm oil activists, we let PepsiCo know that we agree the 90’s are in again, but modern day slavery and rainforest destruction are “not where’s it’s at”.

You say Conflict Palm Oil is just a friend?

28788986252_f8960988fe_z.jpgWe see no changes, all we see is rainforest deforestation.
Pepsi, you’re never gonna get our lovin’ with Conflict Palm Oil.

This isn’t a sweet fantasy, baby.

28818250351_eaa1f071b2_z.jpgThis is how we do it.
Does PepsiCo know what it’s getting into?

28893506645_4ea3425b76_z.jpgPush PepsiCo Real Good.
You say…we don’t pay attention.

PepsiCo’s only hearing negative.

PepsiCo, when you said you would adopt sustainable practices, you lied to me.

PepsiCo is the largest globally distributed snack food company in the world and uses 470,000 tons of  palm oil every year. Conflict Palm Oil is a driver of modern day slavery. Of the 3.5 million people who working on palm oil plantations, many face human rights abuses. Children are sometimes forced to work because their parents have to reach unrealistic quotas in order to keep their jobs.  Others face exposure to highly toxic pesticides daily, while also lacking access to healthcare and a livable wage.


It’s time to let PepsiCo know we won’t be their “love fools,” anymore!

Join us and demand that PepsiCo takes meaningful action to address the human rights violations and rainforest destruction throughout their supply chain.