Snack Food 20 Policy Implementation Evaluation

Snack Food 20 Policy Implementation Evaluation: A Framework to Assess the Implementation of No Deforestation, No Peatland and No Exploitation Commitments

How do the Snack Food Giants compare on Cutting Conflict Palm Oil?

How do the Snack Food Giants compare on Cutting Conflict Palm Oil? Our assessment has found that their paper promises have not stopped deforestation, have not mitigated threats to endangered species, and have not delivered remedy for the exploitation of Indigenous Peoples, local communities and workers.

New Year, New Palm Oil Mill Threatens the Leuser Ecosystem

As we welcome the new year, RAN field investigators have discovered a highly concerning new palm oil mill being constructed directly adjacent to the Leuser Ecosystem. Worse, the mill belongs to a controversial, repeat-offender palm oil company…

The Most Important Place You’ve Never Heard Of

Can you picture a rhinoceros in the rainforest? Add a herd of elephants, families of orangutans swinging through the treetops and tigers prowling the understory and there is only one place in the world you could be: Indonesia’s Leuser Ecosystem, one of Earth’s most ancient forest ecosystems…

Major Brands Again Caught Sourcing Deforestation-Linked Palm Oil

Just weeks after a major undercover field investigation by RAN exposed global food brands as sourcing illegally grown palm oil from within Indonesia’s nationally protected Rawa Singkil Wildlife Reserve, RAN is releasing fresh evidence of deforestation in the region connected to many of the same brands through a different supplier, PT Laot Bangko.