New Blog Calls Out Bank Of America For Bankrupting America

By Rainforest Action Network

Bankrupting AmericaThere’s so much opposition to Bank of America’s practices that it’s almost become a movement unto itself. We figured it was high time the movement to hold BoA accountable had its own website, so we teamed up with The New Bottom Line to launch the Bankrupting America blog, where we’ll be posting videos, photos, and other report-backs from every single protest or campaign aimed at holding BoA accountable for its practices that are wrecking our economy and our environment. But we can’t do it without you.

If you’re a dissatisfied BoA customer and closing your account, an activist or organizer involved in a protest or campaign, or simply someone disgusted by BoA’s banking practices, we want you to submit to the blog. Just go here.

In addition to news about protests against BoA, we’re also looking for calls to action for protests against Bank of America, brand jams/logo jams or any other creative materials spoofing Bank of America and its profits-over-people-and-planet business model, news relating to Bank of America’s practices that are bankrupting our economy and wrecking our climate, and anything else creative or inspiring that we never could have even dreamed of.

Why Bank of America? There are plenty of reasons why the bank deserves all the attention it’s getting these days. To name just a few:

Check out the blog at and share the content with your networks, submit a post, and help us call Bank of America out for wrecking our economy and our planet in the name of profits.