Vote 4 Energy: Brought to You By The American Petroleum Institute

By Rainforest Action Network

Vote 4 EnergyThe American Petroleum Institute wants you (and the politicians it buys) to Vote 4 Energy in 2012.

Our friends at Greenpeace describe API’s new ad campaign: “Vote 4 Energy attempts to show ‘real Americans’ who are ‘energy voters,’ meaning they are committing to vote for whichever politicians support Big Oil’s dirty agenda in this election year.”

Most Americans plan to vote for politicians that will allow coal mining, fracking and drilling in their backyard. Right?

Okay, here’s your big test of the day. How fast can you tell which is the real ad and which is the spoof? (Because honestly, they’re both hilarious.)

[youtube EOK7ZjvhgDg 550]

[youtube OW-NadlTFIA 550]