Election Day 2020

By scott parkin

As we get closer to Election Day 2020, those waging war on people and the planet are refusing any commitment to a peaceful transition of power should they lose. They’ve spewed hate, incited violence, and presided over a pandemic that has cost over 210,000 American lives.
And NOW, our fundamental right to vote in fair and free elections is under attack. Voter disenfranchisement is real. Low-income voters and communities of color are under attack by ridiculous artificial barriers to basic democratic rights.
We cannot stop organizing. This is when they try to take everything. The fascists are trying to foster a crisis to take away our rights and take power away from the people, but as long time direct action organizer Lisa Fithian said,It’s at the edge of chaos where the deepest changes can occur.” Therefore, our movements can also seize the crisis moment to create the better world that we want to see. We just have to do it.
In that spirit, to counter these anti-democratic efforts, many groups are mobilizing for both Election Day and what comes after. So, we’ve created this resource hub to defend democracy. 
Election Day, Poll Watching and Election Defense

  • Frontline Election Defenders. Connecting thousands of volunteers with voters to overcome suppression, prepare to turn out on election day, and prepare together for whatever scenario comes next.
  • Election Protection. Resources for voting, voter protection, etc.

Street Trainings

Election Shenanigans Rapid Response

  • Protect the Results. A coalition of over 100 groups planning protests in the event of a Trump power grab.
  • Choose Democracy. A pledge of resistance to act with non-violent civil disobedience if there is an election-related power grab. The pledge includes virtual trainings led by long time organizer and trainer George Lakey and team.

Strategy Guides

Further Reading: Articles and Reports

protest banner outside of a Chase bank