Where to donate and how you can help

posted by Rainforest Action Network

In the early morning on August 14, 2021, a magnitude 7.2 earthquake hit Haiti, shattering homes and leaving a trail of destruction. According to local authorities, nearly 5,000 homes were damaged and more than 7,000 homes were completely destroyed. The earthquake, more powerful than the one in 2010, left thousands injured and the death toll continues to rise.

Phone lines are currently down, making communication difficult, and hospitals in Les Cayes and Jeremie are overwhelmed. 

The people of Haiti are still dealing with the heavy burden of COVID on their health care systems. Amidst the earthquake rescue efforts, triage centers are being set up in open spaces like soccer fields to take care of the wounded, and families have set up temporary shelters. But with Tropical Depression Grace on the way, these shelters are vulnerable to heavy rains, flooding, and possibly mudslides. With the warmer temperatures brought from climate change, these tropical storms have seen an uptick in the amount of heavy rainfall they bring on shore.

At this moment, the most important thing we can do to support Haitians is to ensure that those who are conducting search and rescue efforts in these storm conditions, and those organizing food, water, and medical supplies have everything they need.

The organizations listed below are taking donations to help the on-the-ground efforts in Haiti. This is not a comprehensive list but it is a start. As always, we recommend working as closely as you can with local partners when sending mutual aid, as they will know best what is needed in their communities. 

Haiti Emergency Relief Fund

Started in 2004, the Haiti Emergency Relief Fund, is a nonprofit that specializes in connecting donors directly to lifesaving grassroots organizations in Haiti. They focus not just on emergency response but on long-term projects fostering the “development of human rights, sustainable agriculture and economic justice in Haiti.” 

To donate go here: Haiti Emergency Relief Fund 

Health Equity International

Health Equity International provides essential health services to the people of southern Haiti. Since their founding in 1983, they have been working in partnership with local communities to build a comprehensive and resilient health care system to transform Haiti’s southern peninsula. 

They are taking emergency donations for their earthquake relief work here: Health Equity International

Partners in Health

Partnering with local governments, Partners in Health, provides health care services, training, and systems building across the world. They currently employ over 5,000 local medical professionals to serve 4.5 million people in Haiti.

Read their statement and make a donation to their Haiti relief efforts here: Partners in Health

World Central Kitchen

World Central Kitchen is a nonprofit founded by chef José Andrés and his wife Patricia in 2010 that quickly transformed, activating around the US and the world to provide hot meals after natural and manmade disasters. They have been on the ground since Sunday working with local culinary students to make meals for responders. 

Follow them on Twitter with #ChefsForHaiti and learn more at World Central Kitchen

Haiti Advocacy Working Group (HAWG)

The Haiti Advocacy Working Group (HAWG) formed after the 2010 earthquake to help coordinate advocate efforts for just and effective disaster relief. Their working group brings together international development, faith-based, human rights and social justice organizations advocating on issues related to U.S. – Haiti policy. 

To learn more and to get involved go here: Haiti Advocacy Working Group

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