Chase: Stop Funding MTR Day of Action Reportbacks

posted by scott parkin

Yesterday, people all over the country (150 registered actions) took action against Chase Bank over their funding of the mountaintop removal coal mining sector. From New York to Los Angeles, people are demanding that Chase end their support of this awful practice.

Here are some of the report backs we’ve gotten so far:

Joanna in Felecita: “I took the flyers and the letters to a Chase Bank on Felecita in Escondido CA yesterday afternoon. I handed the brochures to 3 tellers please the name tags and asked for the signed letter to be given to the manager.”

Rae in Oceano: “I took a letter to the bank at 1242 Grand Avenue in Oceano. Teller took the letter but wouldn’t do any more or talk.”

Amanda and friends in San Francisco: “I delivered to the 16th/Bryant Chase bank yesterday. Jon delivered to the one at 25th and Mission. Nancy delivered to one in downtown. Somer attempted delivery to the Corporate office at 560 Mission St, but they wouldn’t let her in or accept the letter”

Margot in Las Vegas: “Around 10:30 AM I hand delivered the letter to the branch manager. It was rather brief since the manager said she “was expecting this.” She also said that she would forward it up. Hopefully my one, quick letter delivery can contribute to the national effort to end MTR!”

Gary in Santa Barbara: “I spoke with the branch manager at the Chase bank on Upper State Street in Santa Barbara and they refused to accept any materials and referred me to Corporate if I wished to send them anything which he said they would promptly “round file.” They absolutely were not interested on any level in hearing about these issues. It was very disappointing.”

Pat in Palmdale, CA
: “Hi. I delivered the letter to manager and asked that he not throw it out before reading it. I tried to give one to the teller where I cashed a check, but he said he was not allowed to take anything. I passed out flyers locally.”

Annie in San Francisco: “I went in with the letter. The bank manager came out and took it, when i started saying the campaign messaging, she said “We know all about this.”

Millie in
: “The woman who was in management was unfamiliar with the mountaintop mining situation and was not aware of funding from chase. She gave me the address of where to write to corporate headquarters about a problem needing a resolution so I am going to do that and give it to members of our green committee to also write letters.”

Rita: “i went to two different chase branches and they told me they had no idea what to do with the letter, then the person at the second branch gave me the corporate headquarters address in nyc. i am sending the letter and enclosures there. it’s disheartening.”

Russell: “I had delivered the petition to Chase Bank today and I gave it to the teller.”

Hillary: “I went to my Chase branch, and met with the manager. I didn’t bring any dirt since it was pouring here and it would have been mud! Gretchen, the manager, was very nice and spoke with me for a few minutes after I gave her the letter. She didn’t know about mountaintop removal, and I discussed how unnecessary it is, and that Chase is the primary financier of it. She was very receptive and asked if she should forward the letter to headquarters – I said, “of course, that would be great!” Hopefully she will do it. I hope everyone had a successful and informative time at their branches. Please let me know how I can help in the future.

Uta in San Rafel: “Today I went to the San Rafael Branch of Chase Bank and ended up speaking with the Assistant Manager, Nancy. She was not aware of MTR. She sincerely listened, had genuine expressions of shock, disgust and concern when I told her various atrocities that are happening here, in this day and age, in Appalachia, Amerika. Her response was that she would pass the letter and pamphlet onto the Manager (out today). She did notice the use of the Chase logo on the flier then asked what Chase had to do with it all (which I then repeated). Now she knows the dirty deal. It was fun.”

Kevin in Chicago: “I went to the Chase Branch on Clark Street in downtown Chicago and spoke with a manager named Cavee. He had obviously been prepped by upper management NOT to speak or even listen to their customers about MTR. I ended up speaking with him for about 15 minutes and asked him to convey my concerns, if not with upper management, at least with his fellow employees. While he did end up listening, I’m not sure what, if anything, he’ll do. ”

Kate in DC: “DC letter delivery went well. We went to the JP Morgan Chase Private Wealth Bank office in DC. This office is actually in one of the office buildings across the street from the White House, so lots of security (although very friendly). They were prepping for a major schmooze fest event but Kate F and I were invited up to the office by the office manager Scott Dyer. He was unaware of the campaign and offered to scan a copy of the letter and send it over to the JP Morgan Chase Governance office, which is apparently on Penn Ave. Sadly, we were not asked to stay for the swanky reception that was about to get started.

Lynn in San Diego: “I went in at 4:00 pm. to bank tellers in suits behind bullet proof plexiglass windows from waist to ceiling. Very different from my friendly face to face local credit union. Handed out pamphlets and name tags to tellers who immediately called the manager. The manager came over and told me I couldn’t take photos and to come with him. I introduced myself and sat down at a desk and asked him if he was aware of the mountaintop removal that Chase funds. He said no and would I please delete the photos I took. I said yes and deleted one. I have two others. I told him that I wanted to watch him delete my name from all possible mailings and to make absolutely certain that Chase never contact me again due to my environmental disagreements with the way that they fund coal mining. I asked him if he knew about the spike in cancer related cases linked to coal dust and mercury. He said he didn’t know any of these things. He turned the computer around and showed he how he deleted my name from any future mailings. I asked him to read the letter and spread the word, because hundreds of Americans were dying due to their company’s practice. He said he would. We talked about how I would stage a protest off of their property and I said goodbye.”