Chase:Stop Funding MTR- Event Report from LA Action

posted by scott parkin

In Los Angeles, a crew of dedicated volunteers protested outside a bank branch and delivered a letter, passed out flyers and held signs and banners.

From Sophie in LA: “Today’s action was a great success!! We (about a dozen activists) mobilized in front of a Chase bank in Silverlake with great visibility from a main street (Vermont). During the briefing, we asked all of the volunteers who had already arrived to sign the letter and then a volunteer, who banks with Chase, and I went in to deliver it. The branch manager would not meet with us – instead we were given the number of Tom Kelly, Media Relations, (312) 732-7007. The employees were very friendly and after talking with the Customer Service representative about why we were there he assured us (and I believe him) that he would give our letter to the branch manager. We then went outside to mobilize and flyer. Customers were very supportive, we must’ve had over a dozen say that they wanted to transfer their accounts to other banks if Chase didn’t divest from funding MTR.

Branch employees also continued to come out curiously to see what we were doing. We engaged with them casually and they, in general, were interested in hearing why we were there. One customer when she left the bank told us that we were making a big stir and that they were talking about us inside – with a smile. We also received great support from a police officer who stopped by, sanitation workers on the job and even the security guards at the bank branch. The only negative feedback we received was that the banner itself, while eye catching, didn’t have clear enough messaging for motorists – it was a good draw, however, for people on the street to engage with