January 2019 satellite imagery showing forest clearing within PT Surya Panen Subur II’s concession within the Tripa peatland.

CandyMakers Suspend But Fail To Engage PT SPS II To End Deforestation

New satellite data obtained by RAN has revealed continued deforestation taking place within the Tripa peatland — one of the most critical peatlands left in the globally important Leuser Ecosystem. Active forest clearance is taking place in a palm oil concession operated by plantation company PT Surya Panen Subur II (PT SPS II) despite sanctions issued by the Government of Indonesia and despite the suspension of sourcing by some of the Snack Food 20: companies who once relied on this bad actor for cheap Conflict Palm Oil for years even after having made commitments to halt deforestation for candy.

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A Sumatran elephant is killed by a snare set to stop elephants trampling oil palms planted inside a critical lowland rainforest corridor in the Leuser Ecosystem

Elephants are Dying for Palm Oil in the Leuser Ecosystem

New satellite data obtained by RAN has revealed steady, continued deforestation taking place within one of the most critical lowland rainforest habitat corridors left in Indonesia. Located inside the globally important Leuser Ecosystem on the island of Sumatra, the active forest clearance is taking place in a palm oil concession operated by a plantation company called PT Nia Yulded (PT NY) and is occurring despite a presidential moratorium banning any further forest clearance for palm oil, which has included a special emphasis on the need to protect the biologically diverse forests of the Leuser.

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Aerial view of lowland rainforests corridor for Sumatran Elephants that is threatened by palm oil expansion

Elephant Corridor Has Been Cleared by Indonesian State Company Despite Moratorium on Palm Oil by President

GPS: 4° 31′ 9.792″ N, 97° 45′ 9.234″ E

New satellite data obtained by RAN has revealed that a month after President Jokowi announced a three-year moratorium on the issuance of palm oil permits, as well as a review of existing permits, the Indonesian government-linked palm oil company PT Perkebunan Nusantara I (PTPN I) has continued to clear forests within an important corridor for the endangered Sumatran elephant inside the Leuser Ecosystem. PTPN I is operating in breach of the moratorium on forest destruction in the Leuser Ecosystem and should be subject to an investigation by the Indonesian Ministry of  Environment and Forestry.

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Logging and forest clearance by PT. Indo Sawit Perkasa. October 12, 2018. GPS: 2°51’33.54”N, 97°54’07.98”E.

PT. Indo Sawit Perkasa Found Illegally Clearing Lowland Rainforests

GPS: 2°51’33.54”N, 97°54’07.98”E PT. Indo Sawit Perkasa (PT. ISP) has continued to clear critically important lowland rainforests in its palm oil concession. Between June 2016 and September 2018, 125 hectares of forests were destroyed within the PT. ISP concession. Approximately 100 hectares alone have been cleared since January 2018, indicating an increase in destruction over the past nine months. This destruction was done in violation of a circular letter issued by a former governor of Aceh in June 2016 that instructed all palm oil companies to cease forest clearance.

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Roads to Ruin

GPS: 4°24’50.2″N, 97°30’29.3″E – The best science from forest ecologists aligns with centuries of lived history by frontline forest communities to reveal the single biggest threat to healthy forest ecosystems:…

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