Silvery Gibbon
(Hylobates moloch)
Dense rainforests of Java, Indonesia.
My nickname is the singing acrobat. You can hear my call for miles through the forest, while I gracefully swing from tree to tree.

About me

I can live to be 25 years old in the wild. I use that time to frolic about in the rainforest trees eating fruits that other animals — without my acrobatic skills — can’t reach. If I’m all out of fruits, a cockroach or two will do just fine. Silvery gibbons are monogamous — we stick with our partner for life, and live together with our kids until they’re grown up, just like humans!

We’re also among the most threatened primates on Earth. Because of deforestation for logging and agricultural plantations, our habitat has become scarce and far apart, making us vulnerable to poachers and hunters. There are only 4,000-5,000 of us gibbons left in the wild — I mean, you could easily fit us all into the size of a concert auditorium.

Fast Facts: Did you know?

That the way we swing from tree to tree is called "brachiating"? It looks pretty dramatic and we can move through our forest home at up to 35 miles an hour and bridge gaps as wide as 50 feet with a single leap! Hold my beer, circus Knie!
That humans love to study us to figure out why their ancestors started walking on their feet? We are the most bipedal of all non-human primates, as we tend to "walk" on our feet and throw up our hands above our heads for balance. (Gotta admit, it looks pretty funny.)
That we are "early sleepers"? We go to bed hours before sunset. Like when you take a late nap, wake up in the dark, and just decide to keep snoozing.
That we smack with our lips to show we like someone? You’re welcome.

Tell Brands & Banks: Keep Forests Standing!

The rainforests of the Amazon, Congo, and Indonesia are our last best line of defense against the biodiversity and climate crisis. But 17 corporations are making massive profits by driving their destruction and the violation of human rights. That has to end NOW.

Why I want to Keep Forests Standing

Treetops are where we live, swing, and find food. If deforestation continues, we’ll continue to be vulnerable to poachers and hunters, and won’t be able to survive without the shelter and nutrients the forest provides us. Keeping forests standing will also help keep us from going extinct. Please help keep us from going extinct?