Sun Bear
(Helarctos malayanus)
Dense lowland forests and shrubland of South and Southeast Asia.
I’m a little Sun Bear, short and stout! Tearing open trees to find bugs since my claws grew in.

About me

I’m the second-rarest bear species, after the Giant Panda. I’m also the smallest of the bear family, but I’m the only one who can cradle my cub while walking on my hind legs. Take that big bears! I’m not a picky eater, I’ll pretty much chomp on anything, from lizards to little birds to insects, like termites and ants, to fruit and honey (Winnie the Pooh knows what’s up on that last tasty treat).

I’m shy though, I don’t like attention, even when I’m hunting I get a bit timid. I need a lot of forest room with dense vegetation, which makes me vulnerable to habitat destruction brought about by humans. But if I get room to roam, I can live up to 25 years!

Fast Facts: Did you know?

My name comes from the bib-shaped golden, or white, patch on my chest, which, legend says, represents the rising sun. Too bad I’m actually nocturnal and barely ever see the sun!
I’m the only bear native to South and Southeast Asia: Bear king of the forest!
We’re basically the “gardeners of the rainforests.” We disperse seeds (with our poop), do a little landscaping, here and there, by digging for bees, worms, and termites. You’re welcome, forest.

Keep Forests Standing

The rainforests of the Amazon, Congo, and Indonesia are our last best line of defense against the biodiversity and climate crisis. But 17 corporations are making massive profits by driving their destruction and the violation of human rights. That has to end NOW.

Why I want to Keep Forests Standing

Even though I do a lot for the forest, the forest does a lot for me! I need lots of coverage and vegetation to stay safe from poachers, who want me for my fur and gallbladder? And sometimes farmers — or big agricultural plantations — harm me when I eat and damage crops like palm oil, banana, and coconut. The main threat to my survival is deforestation due to human activities like logging, mining, and agriculture. I want to keep forests standing so I can be a rare bear in peace.