Flat-headed Cat
(Prionailurus planiceps)
Wetlands in lowland forests on the islands of Sumatra, Borneo, and the Malayan Peninsula.
You can call me the small southeast Asian cat of mystery - they don’t know much about me and I like it that way.

About me

I’m your typical cat in some ways, I’m active at night, my favorite meal is of the fish variety, and I roll alone. But, in other ways, I’m not your basic feline. I have webbed toes and prefer swimming across rivers to climbing in trees. You read that right, I actually prefer to swim. In fact, most sightings of me are near swampy areas, lakes and streams, and riverine forests.

I’m endangered, there are less than 2,500 Flat-headed cats like me in the wild. My survival is threatened by deforestation for Conflict Palm Oil and human settlement, draining peatlands for agriculture, pollution, and excessive hunting.

Fast Facts: Did you know?

I get my name from my unusually long, sloping snout and flattened skull roof, and my ears sit well down the sides of my head. The result: I always look grumpy, which is cool, because I’m not a “pet me” kind of cat.
I used to live in southern Thailand, but the last confirmed sighting was almost 20 years ago. I told you I was endangered.
Because of habitat loss, it’s very likely that the Flat-headed Cat population has declined by at least 20% in the last 12 years. *sigh*
The World Conservation Union has awarded me, and my fellow Flat-headed Cats, the highest conservation priority of any small southeast Asian wild cats. Seriously, please help us.

Tell Brands & Banks: Keep Forests Standing!

The rainforests of the Amazon, Congo, and Indonesia are our last best line of defense against the biodiversity and climate crisis. But 17 corporations are making massive profits by driving their destruction and the violation of human rights. That has to end NOW.

Why I want to Keep Forests Standing

The most urgent threat to my survival is the expansion of palm oil plantations. Conflict Palm Oil is found in roughly half of all packaged products sold in US grocery stores, hiding in everything from your favorite snack foods like ice cream, candy, and instant noodles, to household items like laundry detergent, toothpaste, and shampoo. Palm oil has become the most widely used vegetable oil on Earth.

The more I lose my lowland forest habitat to Conflict Palm Oil, the less chance Flat-headed Cats like me have to survive.