VIDEO: Tar Sands Action Sends “A Powerful Signal Around The Country And Around The World”

posted by Rainforest Action Network

Since last Saturday, well over 100 people from all over the country have been arrested in Washington D.C. after standing up against the tar sands and the Keystone XL pipeline at the White House. This is what democracy looks like. This is what a movement looks like.

Check out this video, featuring Bill McKibben, Gus Speth and Lt. Dan Choi, from the first day of what will be two weeks of daily protests at the White House:

[youtube X4YkvHBqp7U 550]

President Obama has the power to deny TransCanada a permit to expand the Keystone XL pipeline. He doesn’t need to go through Congress. He doesn’t need the approval of even a single one of the reality-challenged, climate change-denying, obstructionist Republicans in the House or the Senate. It’s time for Obama to honor the stirring pronouncements he made as a candidate in 2008, pronouncements like “Let’s be the generation that finally frees America from the tyranny of oil.” Tar sands oil is the dirtiest oil in the world, and an expanded Keystone XL pipeline would send 900,000 barrels a day of the stuff to US refineries, clearing the way for further expansion of the unbelievably destructive Alberta tar sands projects. Not only would this keep us hooked on oil longer than necessary, but mining oil from tar sands creates three times more carbon emissions than conventional oil extraction.

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This choice should be a no-brainer for Obama, but he needs all the encouragement to do the right thing that we can send his way. If you can get to DC, sign up to stand against Keystone XL at the White House. If you can’t be there in person, you can still send Obama a message: Block the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.