Update from the OSU sit-in


5 students from Ohio State University are still sitting in OSU president Gordon Gee’s office. Gee is refusing to meet with the students and they are prepared to continue the sit-in as long as necessary.

Below is a description of the rally that happened outside the administrative building from two Free The Planet members.


Today President Gordon Gee of The Ohio State University is cowering in his office, denying a meeting with representatives of student group Free the Planet! OSU and fellow supporters of The Grassy Narrows First Nation. Protesters serenaded the building with a drum circle, chants, banners, and signs. Chants included: “Gordon Gee, yes you could, stop buying old-growth wood!” and “Tell me what solidarity looks like! This is what solidarity looks like!”



The Columbus police were called, and asked protesters to turn off their bullhorns–but the group was not deterred from making their voices heard for indigenous rights and environmental protection. After two hours of protest, the group has morphed into a support team, currently taking shifts to monitor and protect students patiently awaiting an audience with the President of their University.

-Glenn Collins and Jane Harrison
Free The Planet OSU activists