This is What the Water in West Virginia Looks Like

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This just in from Sam Corbin of the New York Action Network:


Employees at JP Morgan Chase’s midtown Headquarters got a little “welcome back from summer caffeine pick me up” yesterday morning to acknowledge “the huge impact they make all over the world”.

JPMC coffee action 3

Volunteers from the New York Action Network were disguised as baristas and unloaded three gallons of coffee in stylish cups to Chase employees coming into work after the long labor day weekend.

JPMC coffee action 2
The logo on the cups is one that midtown employees (especially security guards) are quickly becoming familiar with, The image of Chase’s logo bordering a crumbling mountain has been trickling into offices in the form of flyers, buttons, and letters for much of the summer with links to websites calling for an end to dirty investments in mountain destruction. The website this promotional coffee sent them to is Waterkeeper’s sharp new site, – check it out for great videos and info.

JPMC coffee action 1

Chase CEO Jamie Dimon has been fielding calls and letters all summer from RAN activists calling for an end to investments in mountaintop removal coal mining, and this morning his own employees were bringing the message right to their desks.

Office workers were happy for the caffeine jolt, but probably wouldn’t be so happy to know that the water in Appalachia comes out of the faucet the same color as their coffee and that “the impact” they’re making can be measures in explosive decibels and covered streams.

– Sam