The People vs. Big Oil – 24 hours to speak out against Keystone XL

By Rainforest Action Network

It’s been one month since the State Department opened the last official public comment period on the Keystone XL pipeline. There are only 24 hours left till the closing bell!

This is your last chance to be officially heard on the pipeline—which has made the public comment period one of the biggest face-offs of the year.

On one side you have Team Climate. More than 40 progressive groups have organized 980,000 people to submit comments calling for the President to reject Keystone. We’ve got momentum and could easily pass a million comments by the deadline.

We also have truth on our side: Keystone XL would significantly increase tar sands development. And as all-star climate scientist James Hansen has put it, burning all of Canada’s tar sands oil is “game over” for the climate.

On the other side, you have Big Oil, and like you might have guessed, they play dirty. They’ve also got one big advantage: oil money. The American Petroleum Institute has been using this cash to fund deceptive robo-calls to citizens along the pipeline route asking them to submit comments. They’ve also been advertising on television.

I’m not going to show you Big Oil’s ad—instead, check out this amazing “truth-remix” of the ad from our friends at The Other 98 Percent:


Team Climate can still come out ahead in this showdown and convince the President to reject Keystone XL. We just have to obliterate the number of comments submitted by Big Oil and proponents of Keystone XL. Let’s turn on Beast Mode for the climate.