Dare to Win – The Keystone XL Pledge of Resistance

By Rainforest Action Network

We are changing the world.

When the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline was proposed five years ago, it could have just been one more energy project green-lighted by Washington D.C. But the massive pipeline would increase tar sands oil development beyond what is acceptable for a safe climate, and could poison drinking water for millions of Americans.

Our movement pushed back and forced the State Department to reconsider the pipeline’s oil-soaked environmental review. And in the last month alone—since the second and final environmental assessment was released—more than 40 organizations and 2,030,000 individuals like you have spoken out demanding President Obama reject the pipeline.

Boxes representing more than 2 million comments calling on the Obama Administration to reject Keystone XL.
Boxes representing more than 2 million comments calling on the Obama Administration to reject Keystone XL. Photo credit: Energy Action Coalition

Building the Keystone XL pipeline would lock us into the fossil-fueled future of our nightmares. But our collective voice is drowning out the oil industry and its political allies that would profit from Keystone XL! If we push even harder—if our resistance makes it politically unfeasible for President Obama to approve the pipeline—we can win this fight and stop Keystone XL.

Will you join us in pledging to resist the Keystone XL pipeline, including—if necessary—risking arrest in peaceful civil disobedience to stop this pipeline once and for all?

The decision to approve the Keystone XL pipeline is President Obama’s decision and his alone. The President has said he’ll make that decision by this summer. Those who put him into office are depending on him to stand on the right side of history.

We have already spoken through official government channels. Now it is time to go even further to make sure President Obama can’t ignore our call. This is our moment to show just how committed we are to protect our water and our planet. Big moments require big actions. We can beat the oil industry on this, but it will take large numbers to make enough of an impact.

That is why we at Rainforest Action Network, along with our friends at CREDO and The Other 98%, are proud to stand with more than 86,000 people who have joined the Keystone XL Pledge of Resistance, people who feel so strongly that they are prepared to put their bodies on the line by risking going to jail. Will you stand with us too?

Join the Keystone XL Pledge of Resistance.

If tens of thousands of people stand up as President Obama mulls his final decision, and commit to participate in civil disobedience if necessary, we can convince the White House that it will be politically unfeasible to go forward. That is, our goal is not to get arrested. Our goal is to stop the Keystone XL pipeline—by showing enough opposition to Keystone XL that President Obama will reject it. But if he shows clear signs that he is preparing to approve it, we will be ready.

Here’s the plan: The administration is now working towards a National Interest Determination that will approve or reject the pipeline. If the Obama administration issues a Draft National Interest Determination finding that favors Keystone XL, that will trigger action on our pledge to resist.

Over 100 actions are already planned and many more are in the works. We need you to join them and make their actions even bigger.

We realize not everyone can risk arrest in non-violent direct action. But whether it is attending a rally, reaching out to the media or making art, the Pledge of Resistance has roles for everyone.

Click here to join the Pledge of Resistance right now.

If you help show the President how big, powerful and committed our movement really is, we can guide him to the right decision. We can win.