The EPA Can, And Should, End the Construction of New Coal Plants

posted by Rainforest Action Network

Coal FumesAre you as fed up as I am about the coal industry’s license to pollute?

On January 9, coal cleaning chemicals leaked into West Virginia’s Elk River and poisoned the drinking water of 300,000 people. Since February 2, millions of gallons of toxic coal ash have leaked from a Duke Energy coal plant into North Carolina’s Dan River. On February 11, more than 100,000 gallons of coal slurry poured into West Virginia’s Kanawha River.

What the coal industry gets away with is sickening—but now the EPA might enact regulations that could put an end to new coal plants.

Contact the EPA right now to demand no more coal plants and a swift transition to clean energy.

The coal industry continues to devastate the mountains and communities of Appalachia by blowing up mountains to mine thin seams of coal. Pollution from coal-burning power plants poisons the air and threatens the global climate.

But now, time is running out for the coal industry. The EPA is working on new carbon pollution standards for coal-fired power plants. These new regulations could end the building of new coal plants and the burning of more coal. The EPA has put strong regulations on the table, and wants to enact them. But the coal industry is lobbying tirelessly to weaken them, hoping to continue burning coal and polluting communities with impunity.

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy needs to know she has your support.

Click here to tell the EPA to enact the strongest possible regulations for new coal plants. 

People power has already stopped hundreds of new coal plants from being built. The new standards proposed by the EPA can secure those victories and accelerate our desperately-needed transition to clean energy. Let’s lock in those regulations by flooding the EPA with comments before the March 10 deadline. Send Gina McCarthy a message right now!